Overwatch 2 showcases Ramattra gameplay ahead of Season Two

Blizzard has now showcased some gameplay details of new hero Ramattra, who’ll be joining the roster of hero shooter Overwatch 2 in Season 2.

As previously revealed, Ramattra will be a Tank hero, with an ability to switch between two forms – Omnic and a Nemesis form. Each of these forms will allow players a different set of moves, with some shared abilities.

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Let’s take a look.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Abilities

His Omnic form is his default mode, in which he wields a Void Accelerator staff. The staff shoots out nanite particles, which works better at close range but still does damage from afar too. The staff’s secondary ability is a Void Barrier, that activates a temporary barrier to shield him and allies.

However, if you transform into his Nemesis Form, Ramattra Hulks up and gains extra armour. He ditches his staff, as his massive arms become his new primary weapons.

The first ability, Pummel, allows you to punch with a short-range power wave. The punch itself lands physical damage, while the wave can pierce through multiple opponents and even barriers.

Alternatively, he can use Block which throws his arms up in front of his face to provide extra protection. Be careful though, as it makes you slower to move, and slightly less protected from behind.

Finally Ravenous Vortex sends out a ball that turns into a circle of nanites. These nanites will slow and damage anyone caught within its radius.

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Similarly his Ultimate – Annihilation – sends out a more potent form of this nanite swarm in a circle around Ramattra, as well as automatically transforming him into Nemesis form.

Not only that, but if players remain in the range of Ramatta’s Annihilation it actually resets the timer. Which means it keeps going until everyone in the circle is either dead or out of said area of effect.

It certainly seems like he’ll be a valuable asset to any team – and a formidable opponent – when Ramattra lands in Overwatch 2 with Season 2 on December 6. Find out how to unlock him here.

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