Street Fighter 6 Dynamic Controls are for Local Play Only

Street Fighter 6 Dynamic Controls

Street Fighter 6 will feature two control schemes. One is a traditional setup, and another is a "modern" control scheme that simplifies inputs into something not unlike the Smash Bros. games. There is, however, a third way to play. A new preview by Game Informer revealed the Street Fighter 6 Dynamic Controls designed to help "button mashers." Button mashers are players that tend to just press buttons randomly or repeatedly, rather than executing the complex inputs that fighting game moves typically demand.

The Street Fighter 6 Dynamic Controls scheme simplifies inputs even further. It effectively turns on an AI-assisted "auto attack" mode mapped to the face buttons. In a demonstration, Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto explained their reasoning for implementing Dynamic Controls in the game.

According to Nakayama, the team noticed that button-mashing in most fighting games just results in a lot of missed attacks. They wanted to try creating a system where players could see something useful happen when they pressed buttons. The Street Fighter 6 Dynamic Controls system uses the AI to execute attacks based on the context of the fight. Pressing a button with a character in close range might have them whip out a combo, but at further range, the same button might throw a projectile. In the demonstration, Matsumoto used only a single hand tapping face buttons on the controller to defeat Nakayama, who used the Classic controls.

The Dynamic Controls, however, are specifically not for competitive use. Unlike the Modern scheme, which is intended as a viable and balanced alternative, Street Fighter 6 players can't use Dynamic Controls in online matches. They're exclusive to the local Arcade and Versus modes. In essence, they're the scheme designed to help players that don't play fighting games have fun with Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 launches in 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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