Mario Movie McDonald’s toys set to bring the joy in Happy Meals

Mario Movie McDonald’s toys set to bring the joy in Happy Meals

With the debut feature film from the Nintendo and Illumination collaboration rapidly approaching, we’ve had our first look at the range of Mario movie McDonald’s toys this weekend thanks to a leak. As ever, the fast food giant doesn’t disappoint with its fantastic plastic toys, and what’s on offer here may well turn into a collector's item way down the line (or at least that’s what I’m hoping for, with my collection of Happy Meal Lion King plushes).

To be clear, the Mario movie McDonald’s toys leak is out of Japan, and there’s a good chance what we see in the West might vary from these designs. Still, we have seen some matching promotional content before, and even if it’s not the exact models leaked, we’re almost sure that McDonald’s and Nintendo will team up to promote the film on a global scale. Sadly, it might be more books and puzzles for us in the West, with McDonald’s on a kick to try and modernize the Happy Meal while ditching the plastic.

The leaked pamphlet shows us that McDonald’s is intending to launch two back-to-back campaigns for Mario movie McDonald’s toys. The first set includes Mario in a warp pipe, a karting Toad, Donkey Kong, and Peach, while the second collection is made up of Mario in his kart, a fireball Luigi, Bowser, and a Luma. The Luma in particular is an interesting inclusion as the only character from this line of toys we haven’t seen in a Mario movie trailer yet.

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