Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals New Affiliation, Blob and Pyro Release Date

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals New Affiliation, Blob and
Pyro Release Date

Marvel: Crisis Protocol will be adding a new affiliation in the coming months. A recent retail listing for the upcoming Rivals Panel: Weapon X Program revealed that the new pack will include the Weapon X Program affiliation. This new affiliation will assumably include Wolverine and Sabretooth (both of whom appear in the new Rivals Pack) along with a handful of other existing characters currently in the game, such as Deadpool, Omega Red, and X-23. The new Rivals Pack, which includes new versions of both Wolverine and Sabretooth along with several new terrain pieces, will be released in December 2022.

Additionally, Marvel Crisis Protocol also officially revealed the Blob and Pyro Character Pack, which will be set for release in December. Both characters will be included in the Brotherhood affiliation, which is convenient as the Affiliation will be getting its own Affiliation Pack (a set containing many of the characters associated with that affiliation) in December as well.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a miniatures skirmish game in which players control the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe while competing against another player. Players can use any configuration of heroes and villains, provided their team's total Threat Level is equal to or lower than the Threat Level of whatever scenario players choose to play through. Players usually build teams around a single affiliation, as some characters have Leadership abilities that are activated when a team of characters mostly belong to the same group.

Recent Marvel: Crisis Protocol releases have focused on bolstering current affiliations and adding new teams to the game. The Winter Guard, SHIELD, and HYDRA were all added to the game in recent months, and a new Sentinels affiliation is set to be added in October.


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