13 Best Psychic Pokemon of All Time

So you came here hoping for the best psychic Pokemon of all time? Guess we read your mind! (See what I did there?)

But really though… you’d better get those tin foil hats ready, cause these Pokemon are specialists in psychic powers.

Sometimes they use those powers to talk to humans, sometimes they use them to blast fools.

So you’d better learn your Pokemon history if you wanna stay safe out there on the field.

Don’t worry; Retro Dodo is here to help.

Here are the top 13 best psychic Pokemon of all time according to a really smart guy (a.k.a me).

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13. Malamar Malamar - psychic pokemon

They don’t look like much, but you’d be a fool to get anywhere near a Malamar.

They were introduced in Pokémon X & Pokémon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. Those games scored pretty high on the list of the 10 Best Selling 3DS Games of All Time.

Their Japanese name is “Calamanero”, so they basically were thinking of an evil calamari.

Yeah, they are basically like a jellyfish/squid/bird or somethin… but the Malamar is said to be the most powerful of any Pokemon.

That’s big claims for a Pokemon so low on our list, but these guys are known to take control of pretty much anybody they want. And you’ll be doing their bidding until they decide they are through with you.

You get a Malamar when evolving from an Inkay at level 30 WHILE HOLDING THE GAME CONSOLE UPSIDE DOWN.

Yes, really!

That’s pretty wild, so these guys surely are a pretty interesting Pokemon to add to this list of the best psychics.

And with that claim of being the most powerful, it’s hard to not include them, ey?

12. Mesprit Mesprit

Don’t let their cute exterior fool you; these guys are ruthless if you cross them.

The Mesprit is a legendary psychic-type Pokemon that is a member of the lake guardians.

They can leave their body or transport themselves and others at will.

So they’re just one foot tall (.3 meters to y’all on the metric system), but they will ruin your day if you disrespect them.

They can drain a persons emotions or just throw your emotional state in a blender.

Not so cute afterall, huh? You want these guys on your team for sure.

11. Hoopa Hoopa - psychic pokemon

You’re gonna sit there with a straight face and try to tell me that hula-hoops ain’t gangster?

Well, these mythical psychic/ghost type Pokemon are so bad that they need to be imprisoned to keep them from causing too many problems.

If you get a Hoopa Unbound, you’ll be in some real trouble. It’s got a ponytail and TWO hula-hoops. Watch out!

They can bend dimensions, send items through space, and use this power to take literally anything they want.

As the ultimate multiverse thief, it’s kind of obvious why you need to keep these guys locked up.

10. Lunala Lunala

No, it ain’t Dracula on a nightly stroll through the clouds… it’s a Lunala!

Lunala is the mascot of Pokémon Moon, and is one third of the of the Legendary light trio, along with Solgaleo and Necrozma.

A Lunala is the final evolution of a Cosmog.

Half Psychic, half Ghost, they resemble a giant space bat, They are called the “beast that calls the moon” and travel through Ultra Space using wormholes seeking light to absorb for energy.

And their signature move, Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom, is an ultra powerful Ghost-type Z-Move.

9. Metagross Metagross - psychic pokemon

You get a Metagross by fusing two Metang together (who were already made from fusing two Beldum).

Does that mean it’s a quad-brained (braind’d?) steel/psychic pseudo-legendary Pokémon?

That’s a lot of words. Let’s break that down….

A Beldum to the third power… 4 brains… legendary. Got it.

By the way, a Beldum is called a “Dumbber” in Japanese. Why they gotta’ disrespect them like that? They are anything but dumb….

Beldums use magnetic power to mess with stuff, Metangs use psychokinetic power AND magnetism, and the Metagross is said to be more intelligent than any supercomputer.

We didn’t even bother to mention the Mega Metagross, because that math just gets to a level our puny brains cannot even comprehend.

Let’s just say it is pretty crazy too.

But, the Metagross is the coolest looking of the bunch and are less heartless in combat. They use their mind to analyze the situation and make the best moves, and we like that.

8. Lugia Lugia

Lugia is a Legendary Psychic/Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation II.

And, they are the official mascot of Pokémon Silver, Pokémon SoulSilver, and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

They just so happen to be the leader of the legendary birds too. That’s right… Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres all look to Lugia for leadership.

As the guardian of the seas, the Lugia rarely makes an appearance, often hibernating deep in the ocean. But when they do show themselves, it’s often to protect its young.

A wise protector and super powerful this is a Pokemon that demands respect.

7. Deoxys Deoxys - psychic pokemon

The Deoxys is a Mythical Pokemon not to be messed with.

Introduced in Gen 3, it has three additional forms: Attack Forme, Defense Forme, and Speed Forme. Hopefully those names suggest what mods they would include.

Deoxys’ (“dee ox ses ses es”?) are a mutated virus from space with psychic powers and the ability to regenerate body parts lost in combat.

Oh, and they clone themselves to create minions.

Like pretty much every one on this list of the best psychic Pokemon ,it’s best to just keep your distance.

6. Galarian Slowking Galarian Slowking

Don’t let their odd appearance fool you; these guys are pretty gnarly.

A Slowking is actually two Pokemon in one, as they are actually a Shellder Pokémon taking a ride on the head of a Slowpoke as a sort of helmet/remote control.

The Shellder as a venomous bite that causes extraordinary intelligence and psychic power in the Slowpoke… resulting in a Slowking.

A Slowking is very thoughtful, methodical, and plans their attack.

A Galarian Slowking is an evolution of the standard Slowking from Galar as introduced in the Pokémon Sword and Shield 1.3.0 update.

These are a more intense version of the Slowking, as they are being loaded up with a more potent venom from the Shellder.

These dual-type Poison/Psychic Pokemon get ultra intelligent, and are known to chant incoherent spells.

The whole thing is a bit spooky, and that’s exactly why I like ’em.

5. Mew Mew - psychic pokemon

Ah yes; this one is probably pretty obvious for any and all Pokemon fans.

Mew. These gender-less cuties are a mythical Pokemon from Gen 1, and it is said that they contain the DNA of every other Pokemon.

And of course, if you know your Pokemon history, you know that the absolute boss that is Mewtwo is the direct descendant/clone of a Mew… but like… gone horribly wrong thanks to dumb humans.

But the original Mews are smart, curious, playful, and caring. Oh, and super cute.

All good qualities.

You’re crazy if you think we aren’t including Mew on any “best” Pokemon list where they fit. And as one of the coolest psychic Pokemon, they absolutely have a spot on today’s list.

4. Mega Alakazam Mega Alakazam

An Alakazam is already pretty intense. I mean… they rock a moustache and carry around two silver spoons to amplify their psychic powers

Even the females have a moustache, and they rock the look!

But it’s the Mega evolution, Mega Alakazam, that rocks a full beard. What’s more, they keep a whole dinner set worth of spoons on them (five, to be exact).

It is said that they can read a persons entire lifeline in one single glance. There’s no secrets that will escape their gaze.

And, they remember every single thing they ever experience. Their heads literally just keep growing cause it’s so full of info and intelligence.

With an IQ of over 5,000, these guys are true nerds. Psychic nerds; that’s freakin awesome.

3. Necrozma Necrozma - psychic pokemon

Ah yes, the Necrozma; a Legendary psychic Pokemon introduced in Gen 7 as the official mascot for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

A Necrozma has no predecessor, but they do have three possible additional forms: Dusk Mane Necrozma (Psychic/Steel), Dawn Wings Necrozma (Psychic/Ghost), and Ultra Necrozma (Psychic/Dragon).

It’s body is made up of black crystals and it’s face is a brain prism. They can essentially consume a Solgaleo or Lunala and entirely cover their body, becoming a sort of armor/remote control of them.

And they absorb the energy of their host until they have enough power to return to their true form: the Ultra Necrozma.

The Ultra Necrozma is the largest psychic-type Pokemon there is, and its body exceeds 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

I mean, these things are freakin’ badasses.

These guys are space dragons from Ultra Space who are angry as heck because they were once powerful light radiant beasts who had their light stolen from them.

They now spend their time traveling through wormholes, absorbing light, and rampaging on anybody who crosses them.

It’s best to just stay clear of these guys unless you wanna’ get wrecked.

2. Mewtwo Mewtwo

The Mewtwo is arguably in the top ten of the best and most well known Pokemon of all time.

And it’s easy to see why.

This legendary Pokemon was introduced in Generation 1, and they were created through cruel experiments on a Mew by greedy scientists.

You do some mean stuff like that, don’t be surprised when you succeed in creating the strongest and most cold-hearted Pokemon out there.

Mewtwo doesn’t give an F…. unless the F you are talking about is Fear.

Mewtwo’s only focus is defeating its opponents, all of whom end up being pretty much anybody who crosses their path.

But they aren’t all bad; they are actually capable of being incredibly protective and caring of their close ones.

So you had better stay on their good side unless you like dying.

It’s hard to imagine any Pokemon being any cooler and any more powerful than a Mewtwo.

1. Mega Mewtwo Y Mega Mewtwo Y - psychic pokemon

The results are in, and Mega Mewtwo Y is officially the best psychic Pokemon of all time!

Mewtwo could have easily taken the number one spot… but when you take a Pokemon that awesome and Mega Evolve them… aw dang. Beware!!!

Using a Mewtwonite, the special Mega Stone for a Mewtwo specifically, you can transform your Mewtwo into a male or female Mega Mewtwo.

So why is the female (Y) version of the Mega Mewtwo the superior of the two?

Even though the males come with brute strength (Attack 190 > Attack 150) and a 30 point advantage in defense as well (100>70), it’s the female who has a higher Special Attack (194>154), Special Defense (120>100) AND speed (140>130).

Looking at numbers like that, it’s pretty hard to argue that the ladies aren’t the superior Mega Mewtwo.

So we just have to give credit where credit is due; Mega Mewtwo Y is the absolute best psychic Pokemon there is.

All hail your psychic queen!

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