13 COVERS: A JOE SINNOTT Birthday Celebration

One of comics’ greatest inkers was born 96 years ago…


Previous 13th Dimension birthday tributes to the late Joe Sinnott (born October 16, 1926) have focused, rightfully, on his many years when he was a great inker to Jack Kirby on Fantastic Four. When an inker is an artist in his own right, which Sinnott most certainly was, he brings his own style to it. That’s what Sinnott did to Kirby’s pencils. The finished art was Kirby and Sinnott.

When Kirby went over to DC, Sinnott stayed at Marvel. However, it was not long before Sinnott became a steady inker to another artist extraordinaire, Gil Kane. From 1972 to 1978, their combined work enhanced the covers of more than 60 Marvel comics. Here are 13 great ones, in chronological order:


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