ANSWERS: Diagramless Crossword 6

ANSWERS: Diagramless Crossword 6

It's been close to two weeks since "Diagramless Crossword 6" was posted on this blog, and a whopping seventeen people (one of which is a family group) have correctly figured out its Final Answer, all of whom are listed below:

  • Grant Fikes
  • Cindy Heisler
  • Joe Bernard
  • Chris Kochmanski
  • Kevin Orfield
  • Michael Lebowitz
  • Sam Levitin
  • Mike Armstrong
  • Mom
  • Wendy Walker
  • Tyler Hinman
  • Patrick Jordan
  • Lynn Sweeney
  • Dan Schwartz
  • KeoFam
  • Steve Gunter
  • Tamara Brenner
Now head below the break for the answers!

The highlighted Across answers spell out THE SINGER OF DEPECHE MODE, and the answer to that is DAVE GAHAN

This puzzle contains the seed word HEIDI, suggested by Patron M. Sean Molley

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