Bachpan Play School: Fostering the Future of Children

Bachpan Play School: Fostering the Future of Children

Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat! 

This is the daily routine of children around us. And watching them indeed takes in the time of our own childhood, when our life is heavily dependent on our parents, making us worry a little less. Remember the time when we were never forced to study and go to school, living life like the free souls on earth!

Apart from the fun that constantly revolves around the lives of children, the curious developing minds open its door to various things, developing and asking questions that make them familiar with life. That is why it is said that children’s minds are curious, like sponges, made to absorb abundant knowledge.

And parents always worry about their children’s learning from others and want their children to get the proper future. Today, parents send their children to playschools to learn socialising, play knowledge-based games, and some essential academic learning, which means learning while playing.

Being in such an advanced era, we can see many playschools now; among all the other playschools, Bachpan Play School is one of the kinds of playschool that has dedicated itself to holistic early growth of the students. The school has introduced a curriculum which organises learning methodically and imaginatively. It also uses innovative technologies and entertaining activities to engage the children fully.

While interacting with The Knowledge Review, Mr Tijay Gupta, the Cofounder and COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the school, shared the inception story of the Bachpan and the future goals of the school.

A Blast for the Past 

Bachpan Play School was founded in 2004 and introduced a curriculum unique to the country’s kids. This nursery school has been consistently dedicated to the children’s early growth and exposes them to organised learning methodically and imaginatively.

Among 1100 preschools in the country, the Bachpan Play School now has a nationwide presence. The school also prepares a list of constantly updated services for the students. The school has diverse, innovative, technological, and entertaining activities for children.

The school believes in making everything simple, so the children don’t feel burdened and may learn effortlessly. In making learning simple, the school also promotes a child’s holistic learning because it uses smart classrooms and virtual reality. Moreover, the concept classrooms are the main attraction of the school’s kid friendly infrastructure.

Mr Tijay Gupta- A Supremacy

Being a successful leader in the pedagogical space, Mr Tijay Gupta has been designated as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), where he looks after all the crucial decisions that help the school to proliferate. The responsibilities of Mr Tijay Gupta include-

  • Working with senior executives to expand the school, strengthen it, and ensure its sustainability.
  • He represents the company in significant events and public gatherings.
  • He prepares the yearly budget in close collaboration with the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), conducts risk analysis on proposed investments, and provides investment risk and return advice to the Board of Directors.
  • The preschool strives for the quality of education and controls it by setting objectives with division managers for each department.

Mr Tijay was awarded the Business World Education 40, under 40 entrepreneur awards in 2020. Apart from his professional achievement, he has also achieved outstanding academic success. He graduated in Political Science (Hons) from Delhi University.

He has a broad interest in computers and management. Catering to his interests, he has done a variety of certifications and programs from across the globe. 

Statement of Objectives- A Roadmap for Success

While mentioning the school’s journey, Mr Tijay also shares the school’s roadmap and asserts the vision, mission, and core values. He says, “Our USPs, addresses every facet of contemporary education, are unmatched in the sector. Some of the USPs frequently used worldwide to promote children’s learning include Speak-o-Kit, Robotime, and Virtual Reality.”

“For Bachpan students, robotics is a popular activity that encourages critical thinking. Smart Classes are crucial for modern education since kids need to be able to understand concepts through educational technology. At Bachpan, this is very intriguing,” he added.

Stating further about the statement of objectives, he asserts, “While seated in a classroom, you can travel to many destinations thanks to the V.R. goggles. Learning has never been simpler, thanks to the helpful features of the most recent Bachpan 360 App. The Speak-O-Pen, used in conjunction with the Speaking book, has greatly enhanced our preschool education system’s methodology.”

Integrating Technological Learning

Bachpan raised the green flags by launching the Technology Application and connecting technology to preschools. After a string of illustrious, diligent years, the school is now routinely integrating the concept of edutainment into the academic curriculum and serving the educational community.

After highlighting the unique technological implementation in the school, Mr Tijay says, “We guarantee a complete focus on holistic values. As the guardians of the children’s education, we are dedicated to carrying out our duty to give the young ones a precise prescription for intellectual, emotional, social, and moral development. We are bringing up kids who can handle the competitive spirit.”

“To make learning enjoyable for kids, we go out of the way,” he said.

Developing Skills of Children 

The primary focus of every preschool is to provide early childhood development. It aims to innovate unique activities, to bring activeness in the kids, and these activities help them to learn, and the parents should also follow the same process to know their kids’ creativity. Over time, preschools should update the method of teaching.

It isn’t easy to understand each child’s various talents and design the teaching strategy accordingly. Apart from education, the school provides safety, security, and joy to children, as it is as essential as providing quality education and care.

The school provides opportunities for kids to interact with teachers, care-givers, other kids, and their surroundings, as it is necessary to promote physical health, socio-emotional connection, learning various languages, and cognitive development.

While enlightening about the methods of developing the skills of the kids, Mr Tijay postulates, “This is the need, and we are proud that we are ticking all the boxes at the moment for our Bachpanites to maintain the standard.” 

Encouraging E-Learning in the Preschool 

To provide detailed insights into the E-Learning program of Bachpan Preschool, Mr Tijay asserts, “According to our experts, childhood is the most important time in a person’s life because it shapes them according to the strokes. Everything depends on how parents and teachers foster childhood, lay the way for giving it a particular shape, and educate the future of the young children.” 

“Thanks to our technology company, Prismart, we’ve progressed beyond the typical play school curriculum to a level of pure improvisation. To aid in enhancing E-Learning and modern educational practices. Prismart provides Smart Classes, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Robotime. We have adopted everything smoothly and are regularly innovating,” he further stated.

Non-Pedagogical Activities

Bachpan Preschool organises various extra-curricular activities for kids’ fun purposes, and while listing the activities, Mr Tijay says, “We recreate together. Our preschool platform offers a wide-open space for kids to participate in leisure activities, with a beautiful synergy between technology and education.” 

“We conduct regular activities at schools and on a national stage—annual functions. Baby shows and festival-themed activities are a few of them. Due to its innovative pedagogy and infrastructure, Bachpan’s learning is distinctive and fruitful. Children are regularly engaged in enjoyable activities, which gives them a reason to love attending school every day. Our facilities are modern, well-stocked, and offer a wide range of useful options,” he added.

Notable Achievements of the Preschool 

Recently, some of the awards that the Bachpan brand has received are-

Ÿ National Education Excellence Awards – Play School chain year 2018-19.

Ÿ Edtech Review Awards – Best Playschool of the year 2018.

Ÿ Indian Education Excellence Awards – Best K-12 School chain 2018.

Ÿ B.W. Top Education Awards – Preschool Franchisor of the year 2017.

Ÿ Digital Learning Awards – Top Preschool of India 2017.

Ÿ World Wide Impact Awards – Best School for Innovation and Value- Based Education 2018.

Envisaging the Future 

When we asked Mr Tijay about his future vision for Bachpan’s growth, he divulges, “The vision is to continuously foster the already established while giving space to new and innovative ideas. We wish to take preschool education to every section of society and advertise its importance to the masses.” 

“We want the Bachpan brand to get global. Additionally, we have always wanted to use technology most effectively to make learning as easy as possible for the students. AHPS is an example of the same,” further, he said.

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