Be brave and try a new game, with 50% off Bravely Default II

Be brave and try a new game, with 50% off Bravely Default II

It’s time for another deal, and this week all the JRPG fans at Pocket Tactics Towers are here to tell you to try out this JRPG. Released last year, Bravely Default II is a brand new entry in Team Asano’s series, and you don’t need to have played any of the other entries to enjoy its intriguing fantasy story. Well to celebrate the series turning ten, Bravely Default II is currently 50% off in the UK.

If you’ve never played an entry in the series, Bravely Default is a classic turn-based RPG that’s reminiscent of earlier Square Enix titles such as Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI. It also features a gorgeous painterly art style, and Bravely Default II especially is one of the most beautiful games on Switch with huge towns to explore and secrets in every corner.

Plus, if you’re not sure, there’s an extensive Bravely Default II demo which lets you carry over your save data to the full game! So, why not get started in your adventure, and then decide if you want to sink the extra hours to see this story through? The sale lasts until October 20, so you’ve got over a week to dip your toes into this gorgeous fantasy RPG.

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