Gotham Knights No Performance Mode, Locked to 30FPS on Console

Gotham Knights is almost here, but its performance is already causing concerns.

WB revealed that they capped the game at 30 FPS on consoles when fans asked about performance issues.

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Despite this, the developers have said that performance mode won’t be available to help increase the FPS count.

This has led many fans to show concern over how well the game will run on Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

Gotham Knights Has No Performance Mode Source: Nibellion on Twitter

Yes, you heard it right. Gotham Knights has no performance mode option available on consoles. In a lot of next-gen titles, ‘performance mode’ is the name of a special mode that the game can run in to provide better framerates and the cost of lower graphical fidelity.

The lack of a mode was revealed on the game’s Discord by Fleur Marty, an executive producer of the game. She claimed that the co-op and “highly detailed open-world” were two factors that prevented the game from getting a performance mode.

Reactions to the Discord post were heavily mixed. After the post was shared on Twitter by Nibellion, reactions were almost universally negative.

Accusations of Concealing Poor Performance

With Gotham Knights locked at 30 FPS on consoles, many fans have accused WB of hiding the facts about the game to promote more sales. On Twitter, many users said it was suspicious that WB tried to hide the 30 FPS limit on consoles so close to the game’s launch.

Can’t decide if I am more disappointed by the fact it is only 30, or that they were clearly trying to keep that a secret until reviews drop/ the launch…

Twitter User @Com_Raven

It is very baffling to think that they kept this a secret until now. What were they thinking ?

Twitter User @hurc_hv

Even Nibellion, a well-known industry figure who shared the info on Twitter, couldn’t help but chime in on the controversy.

Seriously, the way they drop this kind of info in a Discord server and nowhere else f***ing sucks

Twitter Users @Nibellion

It seems like the fan backlash will be strong on this one. There’s a genuine possibility that the game may experience a huge reduction in sales thanks to this controversy.

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