How To Unlock Greatest Jubilee in Vampire Survivors

How To Unlock Greatest Jubilee in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors has some challenging boss fights, and some great weapons as rewards: Greatest Jubilee is one of them. Here’s everything you need to know on unlocking Greatest Jubilee in Vampire Survivors.

Greatest Jubilee Unlock Sequence

After giving you the Seventh Trumpet and Gracia’s Mirror, The Director wants to fight you—this one is a doozy. Here are the five steps to get you through the battle (no you can’t turn off the music):

Masks circling the Director during the Vampire Survivors boss fight
Luca Galante via Twinfinite
  1. Take out the masks flying around the Director.
  2. You’ll know you’re in step 2 when the background changes, some flying eyeballs come at you plus you need to destroy a few skulls to advance.
  3. More eyeballs and skulls, but the attacks pick up the pace. When you see the White Reaper, it’s time for step 4
  4. Cross your fingers that your Revival stat is high enough, defeating the White Reaper is the hardest part of the battle. You’ll still be fending of some flying eyeballs during this step, so be careful.
  5. You’ll know you’ve made it this far when Red Reapers come at you in droves. Dodge most of their attacks and focus on the White Reaper, the real threat.
reapers swarming the Vampire Survivors hero
Luca Galante via TwinfiniteHow To See the Final Fireworks With the New Weapon

If all goes well, you get to watch the fireworks on the Final stage and the Great Jubilee is added to your inventory automatically. It literally shoots fireworks!

That’s everything we have on watching the final fireworks in Vampire Survivors. Check out some of our other game content like finding the Gallo Tower Coffin and Queen Sigma.

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