Mamma mia! These Mario matryoshka dolls are either cute or cursed

Mamma mia! These Mario matryoshka dolls are either cute or cursed

"Dear Mario, would you like to share some cake while we watch the shooting stars? Meet me at the castle!" Peach writes, and as she looks to her left, Mario approaching, she lets out a scream, “Mamma Mia! My Mario is in another castle.” At least that’s what she would do if she laid eyes on one of these cursed Mario matryoshka dolls in one of her many Nintendo Switch outings.

Now, Mario matryoshka dolls aren’t a wild prospect in theory, but this listing over at Etsy seems to show us that maybe we weren’t asking the right questions. We were so preoccupied with whether we could, we didn’t stop to think if we should. Well, I may be in the minority here, but my personal opinion is that these things are creepy.

Over on Reddit, one user shared this Etsy listing with the simple headline: “Cursed Mario Russian Dolls”. I’m inclined to agree, not with the capitalisation practices in their headline writing, but with the adjective used – these matryoshka dolls are cursed as heck. Turns out no one else agrees. One user says, “They look nice.” And a reply agrees: “I know right? I’m in love with fire Marios orange and red.”

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