Modern Warfare 2’s Ricochet banned over 20,000 accounts during the beta

Modern Warfare 2’s Ricochet banned over 20,000 accounts
during the beta

The official Call of Duty blog has posted ahead of Modern Warfare 2’s release detailing the game’s plans for its Ricochet anti cheat system, as well as reporting their findings from the recent MW2 beta.

In the latest progress report, the Ricochet team confirmed that the latest version of its anti-cheat protocol will be in-place at launch for both MW2 and Warzone 2 on a unified platform.

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The new version of the system, first introduced with last year’s Vanguard, will include “better detection capabilities, additional access to develop and deploy new mitigation techniques and expanded freedom to update our security more frequently than before.

Both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 will benefit from a kernel level driver on PC, which we’re told will help give the security teams even more information – and help to migrate some processes that were formerly client side to Activision’s servers.

Modern Warfare 2 Ricochet – MW2 beta findings

Even before the beta, the team revealed, over 60,000 accounts were banned from the system and ensured those accounts weren’t even able to access said beta. Meanwhile, during the event itself, a further 20,000 accounts were banned and ejected.

According to their data, a whopping 72% of players detected to be cheating were dealt with before they even got into a match. Any did that did get through were apparently detected and removed within five matches.

The team also updated fans on the game’s SMS policy, reaffirming that existing Warzone players that have previously verified their account won’t have to provide any additional verification.

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Furthermore, they noted that they also implemented the SMS Protect policy on Modern Warfare 2019 in August of this year as players were managing to bypass the requirement for Warzone via this method.

A small number of players apparently reported crashes that resulted in bans, but after investigation, the Ricochet team has determined that no unjust bans were caused by these crashes.

However, a minor bug was found were some players were kicked (but not banned) after opening fire on their teammates. Thankfully, this was fixed after a short period on Sunday – though the team reminded players that generally firing at your own teammates is a bad idea. Good to know.#

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