She-Hulk Double Shares New Cast Photos: "I Learned So Much From This Set"

She-Hulk Double Shares New Cast Photos: "I Learned So Much
From This Set"

The finale of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law was released earlier this week and included some major cameos as well as some big character reveals. It's clear the show's cast had a good time bringing the Marvel Comics character to life, and now that the first season has come to an end, the folks involved are sharing fun behind-the-scenes content. She-Hulk is 6'7" but Tatiana Maslany is 5'4", so a lot of movie magic goes into bringing the character to life. We have seen some behind-the-scenes photos featuring Maslany wearing a motion capture suit, but the production still uses stand-ins for references, including Malia Arrayah. Arrayah, who is 6'5", served as the on-set reference for She-Hulk. This week, she took to Instagram to share some photos and talk about her experience.

"What an adventure I feel so lucky to have shared with all of the lovely cast, crew, stunts, production, hair/makeup teams, designers, and everyone involved in creating and writing this epic show!! I literally still can't believe I got to be there haha??. I also want to add that I learned SO much from this set, from stunts w @moganderton @matty_long_legs_ @sarah__irwin from the cast, crew and shout out to the wonderful vfx team and huge thank you to @disneyplus @marvel for such a great experience altogether?? She-Hulk was an epic adventure for me, and I'm so thankful to have been a part of this amazing, historical show!!?" Arrayah wrote. You can check out her photos below:

Will She-Hulk Get A Season 2?

Currently, She-Hulk has not been renewed for a second season, but Marvel Studios hasn't been quick to greenlight their Disney+ follow-ups. Currently, only Loki is confirmed to be getting a second season. That being said, Marvel's finale teaser for She-Hulk did refer to the episode as the "season finale," which makes up hopeful.'s Jenna Anderson recently wrote a compelling argument in favor of a second season, which you can read here. During showrunner Jessica Gao's interview with's Phase Zero, she addressed the possibility of a second season.

"I feel like this must be what it feels like for people who have had kids," Gao said. "This is how my favorite kids describe when they have their first baby and then everybody's like, are you going to have another kid? And they're like, I literally just gave birth. I'm in labor in delivery. I just gave birth. I'm still on a hospital bed. Give me a second. And that's how I feel right now."


Check out our full interview with Gao on Phase Zero, which is available on YouTube and all major podcast platforms.

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