Silent Hill Transmission Has Very Interesting Tags; Possibly Reveals Games & Platforms

Silent Hill Transmission Has Very Interesting Tags; Possibly
Reveals Games & Platforms

Today Konami is going to reveal news about the Silent Hill series with the Silent Hill Transmission and we may have some hints about what it may show.

Resetera users modiz and Toumari extracted the tags of the YouTube video currently in premiere mode via an online tool, and below you can find the resulting list.

  • PlayStation
  • Steam
  • SILENT HILL Transmission
  • Ascension
  • SILENT HILL: Ascension
  • Return to SILENT HILL
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Interview

The easiest interpretation is that the livestream is going to include Silent Hill (but this may be just the franchise), Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill: Ascension, Silent Hill f, and Return to Silent Hill.

Two platforms are also included, Steam and PlayStation, and we’re likely going to see interviews with the developers o top of teaser trailers.

Of course, this is an interpretation, we can’t be sure that this is perfectly accurate until the livestream is aired tonight (October 19) at 2:00 pm PDT, 5:00 pm EDT, 10:00 pm BST, or 11:00 pm CEST.

We’ll have to wait and see, but this is certainly interesting if you can’t wait to hear more about the future of Silent Hill.

If you’re not familiar with Silent Hill, the popular survival horror franchise debuted in 1999 for the original PlayStation.

The series has been dormant for many years after a new game was announced back at Gamescom 2014, revealed alongside the infamous playable demo P.T. by Hideo Kojima.

It was supposed to be a star-studded collaboration between the creator of Metal Gear Solid and horror director Guillermo del Toro, starring actor Norman Reedus.

Unfortunately, the game was canceled amidst the fallout of Kojima-san’s departure from Konami.

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