The Last of Us Part 2’s Laura Bailey Would “Definitely” Play Abby Again

The Last of Us Part 2’s Laura Bailey Would “Definitely” Play
Abby Again

The Last of Us Part 2 was a seminal game, but it was also one that was mired in controversy- a lot of which was centered around Abby, the game’s deuteragonist. She was, of course, a crucial part of the story, and will presumably continue to be in any hypothetical sequels- but would Laura Bailey, who played the character, want to reprise her role in light of the aforementioned controversy.

She very much would. When asked about the same in a recent interview with Comic Book Movie, Bailey said that she would “definitely” go back to the character, which she says is “one of the most influential roles” she’s played in her life, in spite of all the “drama” surrounding it.

“I would definitely go back to her,” Bailey said. “I know there was a lot of drama and response to her character, but it was one of the most influential roles I’ve had in my life. I would 100% go back to play more Abby if the opportunity came up. The series looks amazing and I cannot wait to see more of it.”

Given The Last of Us Part 2’s critical and commercial success, it would be hard to imagine Naughty Dog and Sony not developing a sequel- though of course, how long it’ll be before we see that sequel remains to be seen. Director and series co-creator Neil Druckmann has said that a rough story outline for The Last of Us Part 3 is already ready, and has previously suggested that it could be Naughty Dog’s next big project.

Druckmann has also confirmed that he is currently working on his next project as director, though it’ll be a while before we get concrete word on what that project is.

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