This Fan-Made Film Turns a Popular Cartoon Into a Gory Horror

This Fan-Made Film Turns a Popular Cartoon Into a Gory

Fan-made film projects are pretty commonplace these days as they give up-and-coming filmmakers the opportunity and the freedom to stretch their creative muscles while helping to get their name out there. Some stick closely to a well-trodden formula, like this capably crafted Silent Hill fan-made short, while others put a twist on proceedings by, say, turning a popular and beloved cartoon into a dark and horrific tale, replete with guts and gore.

And the latter type is what we have for you today. Yes, written and directed by Andy Chen, and making the rounds on Youtube and Reddit, we have an eerie interpretation of Dreamworks’ Shrek. Dubbed Fiona, this horror-themed reimagining of the classic fairy tale source material will surely make your skin crawl. Go ahead and check it out for yourself down below:

Unlike its animated counterpart, Fiona puts a darker twist on her physical transformation into an ogre, chock-full with some creepy body horror, gore, and a much scarier creature design. Kudos to the filmmakers, especially the special effects team, as aesthetically, the short film delivers a punchy, grisly take on the age-old fable. Still, we’d definitely avoid showing this one to any whippersnappers out there, as it’s undoubtedly more of an adult-orientated take on the fantasy formula.

But what say you, though? What did you think of this fan-made Shrek horror film? Make sure to kiss all those ill-fated frogs in the comments below and let us know.

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