Walker Showrunner Addresses If Fan-Favorite Character Will Return

Walker Showrunner Addresses If Fan-Favorite Character Will

Walker showrunner Anna Fricke says there have not yet been any discussions about bringing Lindsey Morgan's Micki Ramirez back to the show, but the door is wide open if the actor decides she wants to return. Last year, Morgan stepped away from the hit series, explaining that after years of working a demanding schedule on The 100, she needed to take some time away from the 14-hour-day grind of television to take care of her mental health. The showrunners obliged, and Micki was written off...but not killed, giving the writers an opportunity to bring her back down the road.

Season 2 saw Micki working undercover at the start of the year, and partway through the season, Micki chose to take a leave from the Rangers to take care of herself. During her season and a half on the show, Micki was closer to Walker than almost anybody, so if she were to show back up, it would be interesting to see how that dynamic could shift.

Fricke told TVLine, "We're on such good terms with Lindsey and we really supported how and why she wanted to leave. She always has a close place to me in my heart, and obviously I wrote that character for her, so the door is always open."

For her part, Morgan has not talked about coming back to the series yet, although she has continued to praise the show and its staff, making sure to tell anyone who asks that it was her decision alone to step away.

"After much thoughtful consideration and introspection, I have made the incredibly difficult decision to step away from my role as Micki Ramirez on Walker for personal reasons, and I am eternally grateful to have the support of the producers, CBS Studios and The CW in allowing me to do so," Morgan said when she left. "The opportunity to play Micki has truly been a blessing as has working alongside the incredible cast and crew of this terrific series. Please know that I will continue to root for my TV family and wish them all the best."


"Lindsey is a wonderful person, inside and out," said star Jared Padalecki, who also serves as one of the show's executive producers, at the time. "I am proud of, and grateful for, her work on Walker. Moreover, I'm honored to consider her a friend."

Walker has become such a hit that tonight, The CW will debut Walker: Independence, a prequel series that stars Katherine McNamara (Arrow) as Cordell Walker's ancestor Abby Walker. So far, Walker -- which is a hit that skews older than most of The CW's shows -- seems to be unaffected by Nexstar's purchase of the network, and their decision to focus on programming that's less expensive and appeals to an older audience.

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