9 Hardest Trophies to get in Modern Warfare 2 – Achievement Guide

Modern Warfare 2 offers a total of twenty-five trophies and achievements that players obtain to get the final Platinum trophy to show their mastery of the game and, of course, to prove that they are a completionist. While sixteen are easy to obtain and require you to progress the game’s Campaign mode, there are nine hardest trophies to get in Modern Warfare 2, which proves to be a little more challenging than others. This is where our achievement guide comes in handy. 

9 Hardest Trophies To Get In Modern Warfare 2

Among the 25 total Trophies, aka achievements, nine are hardest to obtain as they require you to play the Co-op mode, search for items and safes that are hard to find, complete all campaign missions in Veteran or higher difficulty, and such other challenges. 

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