Arnold Schwarzenegger jingles all the way into World of Tanks

Arnold Schwarzenegger jingles all the way into World of Tanks

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, there are celebrities everywhere you go, trying to make things worth your while, though you’d rather be with crocodiles in the Nile. Yes, it’s that time of year, you know the one where famous people pop up in random things that they likely have no business being in. Well, it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich are two of them this year as they deck the halls with grenades in World of Tanks.

The World of Tanks Arnold Schwarzenegger collaboration is pretty random for sure, and frankly, we have a feeling that might make you want to get to the chopper so you can fly away from the madness. Though, Arnie and Milla are on an important mission, in all fairness, as they aim to save Christmas for Arthur and his son Mikey as some evil beings decide to get up to snow good. A noble cause for sure, but instead of blowing things up, why not send the kid to Lapland and ho ho hope he has a good time?

The actors give you a range of objectives and missions to complete in-game, and doing so nets you some rewards, such as tank skins, themed emblems, decals, and commanders. Oh, and the pair actually have voice lines that appear in-game, so there’s that. Perhaps the pair can help you to make some santamental Christmas memories, though I’d argue watching Jingle All The Way with the family is a better idea.

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