Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon Beginners Guide and Tips

Bear Bakery is an idle merge-based game, where the player plays the role of a manager. The player can merge items to bake, decorate, and upgrade the store. The manager’s responsibility is to fulfill the needs of every customer and deliver accordingly. Here is a Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon beginners guide to help you figure out the features of the game.

Gameplay Overview

This game revolves around an idle role-playing type system, where the player has to deliver to the bakery store that he or she owns. The game has several elements that any real-life bakery has. It has an assistant chief Mr. Bear, receptionist Amber, construction Tweetie, and marketing it is Snitch. In the tutorial of the game, all of these NPCs assist the gamer in understanding the functions of the game.

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The game is played using a merge and tapping system. Thus it falls under the category of leisure gaming. The setting of the game is warm and provides the feel of a bakery. Later in the tutorial, there is one more character introduced by the name of Choco. He is the delivery man of the shop.

Introducing the Basics of Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon

The game begins with a tutorial that explains how to bake, decorate and operate other features of the game. Mr. Bear begins explaining how bread is made. In order to bake, the system of tapping and merging is used. The faster the player taps, the less time it will take to knead the dough of the bread.

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After this, when the product is ready, it is displayed on the store panel. This will attract more customers to the shop and thus increase the sale. The entire game is based on tapping and merging items. It also uses other features that are important in this game.

Marketing, Service, and Staff

This is the second aspect of the game. Here, the player has to indulge in marketing and service for the products to be advertised and promoted and then sell them. For this two characters are given to the player. Amber and Snitch.

In the tutorial, the player understands how to manage these two snaps. For the marketing aspect, the player again needs to tap fast in order to finish the promotion quickly, which will lead to the gathering of more customers.

There are different customers that require different pieces of bread and items. This includes drinks as well. To provide them with what they need, there is a receptionist. The third panel of the game is the staff room. Here the player can do all construction-related activities that would include decorating the room. In order to decorate the room, various bags can be purchased from shops that include various furniture and decorative items.

In-game Events and other features

There are some limited-time events where the player can participate in the hopes of acquiring limited-edition furniture that can be placed in the staff room. The events include a different location where the player has to deliver what the customers at the new location desire. Another key feature of the game is its delivery service. The system of delivery works with what the customers want. As per that, the player has to make the particular items and then sell them to the customers.

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In addition to all these features, another important feature would be to upgrade the staff. This can be done after the player acquires a particular set level. As the player grows, new customers will arrive demanding upgraded versions of bread.


There are mainly three currencies that are used in this game. Coins, Gems, and Lottery tickets. Gems and Lottery tickets are mainly used to purchase items from the shop. These include various dough, drinks, furniture, and more. The player can also make in-app purchases that require real money. This will get you some rare and collectible items as well.

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On the other hand, gold coins are mainly used to upgrade the staff or the staff room or other facilities such as the oven, storage space, and others. These items can be acquired by completing tasks and leveling up. In addition to this, it can also be acquired by clearing out the garbage in front of the shop. This can be done by repeatedly tapping on the waste to remove them.

Kneading and making Bread

In order to make bread, first the dough must be prepared. For this, it takes a certain time period to finish kneading. To speed up the process of kneading, the player can repeatedly tap on the option of speed kneading located at the center bottom corner of the screen. After this, the dough is ready. At this stage, if the player directly puts the dough in the oven, it will create the most basic bread.

However, in order to create more rare and exclusive bread, the player must merge two doughs of the same kind. Once this has been done, a new dough will form. After that, the player can put the acquired dough in the oven for it to bake. Once the baking is finished the player can take it out.

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Since baking is finished now and bread is acquired, it is now time for the player to put it on the panel for a display to attract customers. In order to do this, the player must swipe left of the screen or tap the arrow on the right which will shift the screen from the kitchen to the shop. There, on the panel option, the player can assign their pieces of bread. The player must always remember to put the bread immediately on the panel once it’s baked as it will consume storage, which will not allow the player to acquire more bread.

Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon:

  1. Make sure to always keep bread on the display panel. This will ensure that customers keep flowing in.
  2. Make sure to make the shop clean, as it can affect customer service and also provide the player with some amount of currency.
  3. Keep upgrading the staff room with furniture as it also contributes to the player’s growth
  4. Make sure to upgrade the staff as it will reduce their time of working and delivering products.
  5. Keep in mind to participate in events and quests, as they offer a lot of collectible items and currencies.

Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon is a fun idle cooking game, where the player plays the role of a manager who has to oversee every department of the shop from the kitchen to the marketing of the shop. The game has many features and events that the player can participate in to win rare prizes. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

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