eFootball 2023 Guide: How to obtain and use Progression Points

The eFootball series is undoubtedly the most popular franchise for the Japanese Publisher House, Konami. The 2nd of June saw the grand arrival of the 2023 season of eFootball (previously known as PES) for mobile devices. The publisher house has already released details regarding the amendments this season and their impact on players, managers, and various other in-game assets. This eFootball 2023 guide discusses Level Training Programs and Progression Points and ways to obtain and use them.

However, there is still a lot of confusion among fans since Konami’s Official Website did not make certain things clear to the audience. In this guide we are going to do a detailed discussion on Level Training Programs, how to acquire the same, and, how to use them. We are also going to dive deep into the newly added Progression Points, how to obtain them, and take your team Playstyle to 100 by using them effectively in eFootball 2023.

Training Players through Experience Points

Level Training Program is an in-game asset/resource that allows users to level up their player cards. Now, how do our Players get leveled up? The simple answer to that is, by gaining Experience Points. There are effectively two ways of gaining Experience Points:

1. Playing Matches

The first and foremost way of earning Experience is by playing matches. Your Player Cards earn Experience Points with each game that they play across all Game Modes. The Experience Points that your players earn each game would depend on your Manager’s Affinity.

Level Training ProgramsImage via KONAMI

Every manager has their own affinity for a certain set of players. Some managers may have an affinity for forwarding Line Players while some may have for Young Players. Some Players may even earn Progression Points as they level up.

2. Level Training Programs

The other way of getting Experience Points is through Level Training Programs. You need to feed your Player Cards with Level Training Programs (previously known as trainers), that would effectively help them to level up by increasing their Experience Points.

Level Training Programs2Image via KONAMI

The Level Training Programs come with Experience Point Multiples of 100,1000,4000 and 10,000. Users can feed their players with Training Programs of any multiple depending on the availability.

How to get Level Training Programs in eFootball 2023

Now that we know what Level Training Programs are, let us now see the ways to acquire the same:

1. By participating in various in-game Events
Progression Points and Training PESImage via KONAMI

Level Training Programs can be earned by taking part in various in-game events and campaigns including Tour Events, Challenge Events, and possibly from Online eFootball League Events also in the future. Do not miss out on these events if you want to level our players up soon.

2. Releasing players from your team

You can release the unwanted players that you own. Releasing Players rewards you with Level Training Programs in eFootball 2023. The multiple of the Level Training Program that you earn would depend on the Stats of the Player that you release and also on the Card Type. If you have duplicate Legendary Cards, release them. When we say duplicate, all versions of the Iniesta Card or the Messi card have been clubbed together as a single version.

Releasing Players Progression PointsImage via KONAMI

So, if you have different versions of the same Player Card, it is most likely that they have been clubbed to a single version. We would advise you to keep one Legend Version and Iconic Moment Version of a particular Player card (the gold and pink background and the single OVR gap are the only differentiators) and release all the duplicate cards. You will be rewarded handsomely with Level Training Programs.

3. From the shop
Shop Progression PointsImage via KONAMI

You can even acquire Training Level Programs by exchanging them with your eFootball Points. The eFootball Points charged for the same are minimal and depend on the Multiple of Exp. Training Program. One EXP. 4,000 Training Program can be exchanged with 5,000 eFootball Points.

4. Progression points

When we level up Players in eFootball 2023, their overall rating does not change on its own. Instead, he receives something known as Progression Points. So now let us dive deep into what Progression Points actually are. Progression Points are an in-game asset that can be utilized to develop the overall statistics of our players and also to upgrade the Team Playstyle. You have to spend Progression Points in both places.

How to use Progression Points efficiently in eFootball 2023

In this section, we will see how to earn Progression Points and also how to make the most out of the Progression Points that your Player Card has earned. To earn Progression Points,

  • Users must navigate to the My Team tab and go to Players.
  • They should next tap on the Player Card that they want to Train and choose Level Training from the options.
  • Next, they should feed the player with Level Training Programs by choosing from the available programs. Once the Player Card gets leveled up to the max level, it receives something known as Experience Points. Now, come back and tap on that Player Card again and choose the Player Progression option.

You will see two categories, Player Stats and Team Playstyle Proficiency. Let us talk about the First Category, which is your Player’s Overall Stats.

Player stats

The Player Stats section caters to the all-around development of your players. Every Player possesses various attributes like Place Kicking, Curl, Finishing, Low Pass, and Lofted Pass to name a few. Now, all these categories have been clubbed together into 10 categories. For example, the Place Kicking, Curl, and Finishing attributes have been clubbed together into a single category named Shooting.

spending your Progression PointsImage via KONAMI

Now, to make the most out of the Progression Points, you have to know the exact category where the Player needs to up-skill. You won’t have sufficient Progression Points to spend on all the categories to be honest, as you also have to spend some in the Team Playstyle Proficiency Section. The category in which you need to spend your Progression Points depends on the Player Position.

Key attributes on which you should be spending your progression points

Let us now know the key attributes that you must train your player with:

Player Position Important Skills Secondary Skills
Center Forward (CF) Dexterity, Shooting Dribbling, Aerial Strength, Lower Body
Second Striker (SS) Dribbling, Dexterity, Shooting Lower Body, Passing
Wing Forward (LW/RW) Dribbling, Dexterity Lower Body, Shooting, Passing
Attacking Midfield (AMF) Dribbling, Passing Dexterity, Lower Body, Shooting
Center Midfield (CMF) Lower Body, Passing, Dribbling, Defending Dexterity
Defensive Midfield (DMF) Defending, Lower Body Passing, Dribbling, Aerial Strength
Side Midfield (LMF/RMF) Lower Body Dexterity, Dribbling, Passing
Center Back (CB) Defending, Aerial Strength Lowe Body, Dexterity
Side Back (LB/RB) Lower Body, Dexterity, Defending Passing, Dribbling, Aerial Strength
Goalkeeper (GK) GK1, GK2, GK3 Aerial Strength
Info via Reddit

Look to spend your Progression Points on the highlighted categories First and only come back to the non-highlighted categories once you have spent on the Team Playstyle Proficiency.

Team Playstyle Proficiency

Now let us move to the next section which is Team Playstyle Proficiency. This is also an important section as it would impact your Team’s Overall Performance and Playstyle in Games. You can take your Team Playstyle Proficiency to 100 in no time. Now, in this section also there are some attributes(Playstyles) on which you can spend your Progression Points. They are Possession Game, Quick Counter, Long Ball Counter, Out Wide, and Long Ball.

Key attribute on which you should be spending your progression points

The next question that arises is which attribute should we spend those Points on. Well, this would depend on the Playstyle that your manager is Proficient with. Now, in eFootball 2023, you can customize the Team Formation and Playstyle on your own. That is, you can play with any Formation and Playstyle irrespective of the Manager. However, we would suggest you not tamper with the Default Playstyle of your Manager. Let us take Luis A. Roman as our reference. His Default Playstyle is a Possession Game.

So, if you field a team under him, then under the Team Playstyle Proficiency, you need to spend your Progression Points on the Possession Game Attribute and take that up to 99 at least. Now the next time you place that player in your squad, under Luis A. Roman, you will find out that the OVR rating of the player, as well as the Team OVR (Team Playstyle), will increase. In this way, if you spend progression points on upgrading the individual stats as well as the Playstyle Proficiency of every player in your starting 11, you will attain a 100 Team Playstyle (OVR) in no time.

Key Attribute eFootball 2022 Level Training Programs and Progression Points Image via KONAMI

Do note that you will find a Suggested option below both the Player Stats and Team Playstyle Proficiency Menu. You can always go for that to spend those points on Game-suggested attributes, but we would ask you not to opt for it and spend those points manually under attributes that have been suggested by us for optimized results.

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