Engadget Podcast: A foldable iPhone, Meta layoffs and the fall of FTX

Engadget Podcast: A foldable iPhone, Meta layoffs and the
fall of FTX

We’re still waiting for Apple to deliver a genuine foldable iPhone, but that didn’t stop a group of engineers in China from crafting their own prototype. This week, Cherlynn and Devindra dive into the possibility of a real foldable iPhone, plus they discuss Meta’s massive layoffs and the fast downfall of the crypto exchange FTX. Also, what are the ethics of Apple limiting AirDrop in China (and eventually the rest of the world)?

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  • Chinese modders made a foldable iPhone – 1:32

  • Meta lays off 11,000 people worldwide – 12:48

  • Sale of crypto exchange FTX to Chinese-based Binance fails – 20:56

  • Musk Twitter is a mess: the weekly update – 26:41

  • Apple sets time limit for receiving Airdrops in China – 31:38

  • Volvo unveils its EX90 EV SUV – 35:52

  • Instagram’s web client has finally been redesigned – 39:37

  • Google starts issuing Stadia refunds – 41:22

  • Working on – 47:03

  • Pop culture picks – 49:10


Hosts: Cherlynn Low and Devindra Hardawar
Producer: Ben Ellman
Music: Dale North and Terrence O'Brien
Livestream producers: Julio Barrientos
Graphic artists: Luke Brooks and Brian Oh

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