Game Hollywood Games Is Celebrating Thanksgiving with a Host of In-Game Events

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around it seems like there’s more to give thanks for. 

Game Hollywood Games is adding to the list with its own fiesta of special offers and giveaways.

First up, there’s the whole-site event, which runs from November 21st to November 27th, and begins with a game of pairs. 

You’ve got 30 flips to match 16 cards featuring characters from Game Hollywood’s library of games. If you succeed, you’ll be rewarded with GHG Points to spend on Gift Packs. 

During the event you can also claim a Game Pack for just one GHG Point, and recharge your GHG Coins to earn double GHG Points.

Plus, there are exclusive gifts and lucky GHG Point draws on offer for participating in a forum topic. 

Many of the titles on the Game Hollywood Games platform are getting involved with their own events. 

Dragon Awaken’s Thanksgiving Celebration event is set to run from November 22nd until November 28th. It sees you collecting turkeys to earn a Vulcan’s Scepter, a Vulcan’s Cloak, and other S-class rewards. 

The World of Rune event, running from November 24th until November 30th, consists of a series of activities like logging in every day and smashing eggs. In return, you’ll get lots of rewards. 

Eternal Fury is holding an event between November 23rd and November 28th. All you need to do is log in. 

Evil Awakening, by contrast, is going all-out with a massive Thanksgiving Carnival consisting of a whole list of events, including quests, allowing you to earn a ton of rewards. This one is running from November 21st until November 27th. 

Finally, there’s the Omega Zodiac event, which runs from November 20th until November 26th. This one adds a Flame Elf, Top Gems, Koines, new fashions, a new Red Wedding Ring, and a whole new boss called The Judge.

To take advantage of this avalanche of offers, head to Game Hollywood Games and get playing. 

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