Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen wins MSXdev’22 – Check the results!

Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen wins MSXdev’22 –
Check the results!

MSXdev’22 is over, and all results are in. The always-successful contest nailed again! With 32 games, the judges had a really hard time picking the best ones, but after several days of deliberation, the grand prize went to Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen, gathering 572 out of 600 points.

According to the MSXdev post, “The jury was well impressed with this MSX2 tittle as they commented remarks such as “fantastic platformer”, “a pleasure to see this wonderful work offered for MSX”, and “very polished”. In fact, the panel was so impressed, they ranked this game not only number 1 on the overall ranking list, but also on Sound, Graphics, and Gameplay. This truly makes Lilly’s Saga the grand winner of this episode of MSXdev.”

The contest started in January of this year, and with nine months to develop their games, the contestants went above and beyond, with literally AAA games that certainly would make the developers rich if released in the 80s! Although they won’t be able to retire, the contest organizers are giving away more than 1,500 Euros thanks to the donations they received throughout the contest.

Here are the 10 first places:

  1. “Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen” by Fabulous 8bit (572/600)
  2. “Sales Discontinued” by NOP (522/600)
  3. “DICED – Tournament” by Mi-Chi, Def Danny (475/600)
  4. “Bufonada” by Roolandoo (466/600)
  5. “My Sacred Place” by Mario Cavalcanti (465/600)
  6. “Sacred Valley” by Visualedu, Bitcaffe (456/600)
  7. “Shadow Of The Pig” by thegeps (455/600)
  8. “1937” by joesg (421/600)
  9. “Robo Rumble” by RoboSoft Inc. (420/600)
  10. “The Circus Mystery” by DTenso Games (419/600

I’ve played Lilly’s Saga for a while, and although it looks like Mario at first, you can see that it goes beyond a simple clone. It does have all classic Mario platform game elements but adds a compelling background story and other elements that will certainly make you get closer to the character you are playing. You can check a bit of the game below:

You can read all about the results on the MSXdev website which has a PDF document with detailed information about every single game that participated in the contest. In the same website you can download and play all the games.

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