Netflix's Chicago Party Aunt Finally Gets a Part 2 Release Date

Netflix's Chicago Party Aunt Finally Gets a Part 2 Release

It's time to head back to the Windy City, because Netflix's Chicago Party Aunt is about to return. On Wednesday, Netflix announced the long-awaited release date for the show's second batch of episodes, which will be arriving on the streaming platform on Friday, December 30th. This will be over a year after the show's first "Part" of episodes arrived in September of 2021.

The adult animated series is based on the popular Twitter account of the same name, which has been run by comedian and actor Chris Witaske since 2017. Prior to the show, the @ChiPartyAunt account garnered tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, and even ran for mayor of her titular city back in 2018.

What is Chicago Party Aunt about?

In Chicago Party Aunt, Diane Dunbrowski (Lauren Ash) has always been and always will be the life of the party, even when the party has long since been over. Her complete lack of adulting is perfectly balanced by her heart of gold and desire to help others. A die-hard Chicago sports fan and general fan of Italian beef to be washed down with plenty of Malort and beer, Diane would do anything for her city and continues to live every day like it's a 1980's Styx tour bus. The series also follows Daniel (Rory O'Malley), Diane's nephew who takes a gap year to live in the city with her. The series also stars RuPaul Charles as Gideon, Jill Talley as Bonnie, Ike Barinholtz as Mark, Jon Barinholtz as Mikey, Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Tina, Rich as Zuzana, and Witaske as Kurt.

"We wanted it to have a lot of heart, too," Witaske told in an interview last year. "We all grew up watching John Hughes movies that are funny as hell, but also have pathos and heart. And so I hope that people laugh their asses off, but then also are like, "Aw, that was sweet." Not in an afterschool special kind of way, but like, you know."

"We want people to have a nice time," executive producer Katie Rich echoed. "It's a nice escape. It's just a show that is fun and funny. And, like you said, has a lot of heart. So we just hope you can spend twenty-two minutes with us and just forget everything and just laugh."


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