Official Lego Zelda Set Could Be In Production After Lego Cancels All Fan Submissions

You know we love a good scoop here at Retro Dodo, and the news that Lego has cancelled all Legend of Zelda Lego sets on it’s Lego Ideas page could mean we’re about to see an official Lego Zelda Set.

I mean, it makes sense, right? We’ve already had tonnes of Lego Super Mario Sets and seen Sonic stepping into the Lego world with his blocky-version of the Green Hill Zone.

A Lego Zelda set is what we gamers deserve.

So what does Lego cancelling all of its projects truly mean?

Let’s dive into the latest news from Lego HQ and unpack it brick by brick.

Sometimes I really hate myself for these terrible jokes.

Lego Zelda Set Could Be Just Around The Corner! This Lego Hyrule Castle received a lot of praise over on the LEgo Ideas Page. Are we about to see something similar coming from the blockmasters themselves?

If you’re a fan of Retro Dodo’s work, which probably explains why you’re here, then you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Zelda.

I’ve kept my eye out for new and exciting Lego projects over on the Lego Ideas page for years, and some of them have looked incredible promising.

Heck, in the time I’ve been looking, there have been around 8 that have attracted the required 10,000 votes to go to a panel of bigwigs at Lego.

Once a design reaches 10,000, Lego judges it and determines whether it can go into production or not. And sadly, we’ve always been at the ‘not’ stage with the submissions so far.

So why the sudden halt in proceedings?

Well, the news that no more Lego Zelda Set submissions suggests one thing – there’s an official set coming our way.

What Might The Legend Of Zelda Lego Set Look Like?

So far, we’ve seen a bionic-style Link from Breath of the Wild including Champions Tunic, and we’ve also seen an old-school Ocarina of Time Hyrule Castle going up against a BOTW Hyrule Castle.

In terms of characters and the success of the Nintendo Switch, I’ve got a strong feeling we could be about to see a Breath of the Wild Zelda dropping, with an option to place the green floppy hat of yesteryear on Link for any die-hard fans like me.

Complete with LED moving face? I think so!

A little Lego Daruk would also be incredible. That would be the widest Lego figurine I think of all time, unless you count The Mighty Bowser in our best Nintendo Lego sets, of course!

Is the LEgo Ganon going to become a reality, or will we be playing with an old-school Kaepora Gaebora? Only time will tell!Could Someone Else Be Making Zelda Construction Sets?

Of course, it’s entirely plausible that Lego have lost out on the rights to make a Lego Zelda set altogether.

We’re seeing more and more Mega Construx figurines dropping over recent months, especially with regards to Pokemon.

If Mega Construx have signed a deal with Nintendo for another of their biggest franchises, then we could be about to see blocky Bokoblins (or ‘Blockoblins’) hitting shelves at the same time as The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Whether it’s Lego, Mega Construx, or another competing company, I think it’s likely that we’ll see a building set and tonnes of other merchandise dropping when the new game releases.

Link is Nintendo’s cash cow, and everyone will be heading down with a milking bucket to collect some cash.

For now, all we can do is hope and pray that if Lego has got hold of the licenses for a Lego Zelda set, that they’ll do my favourite franchise justice.

I can’t wait to step on a Lego Epona at 2 in the morning while walking to the bathroom.

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