Ordered The Anbernic RG353M

Ordered The Anbernic RG353M
RG353M "Deep Purple"

 I went ahead and ordered the new Anbernic RG353M early this morning. The device is $10 off during the first 48 hours. Using the standard 4PX option, the total was $147.99 after shipping which is a pretty good price. This device uses the same SoC as the RG503, RG353P and RG353V/VS, so performance will be about the same. What you are primarily getting with this device is a metal shell,  improved stereo speakers, re-designed shoulders and hall sensor thumb-sticks (no more Switch style drift) which to me is a big deal. The 353M is thinner and more pocket friendly than previous metal devices from Anbernic. Unlike problems in the past, this one has fully functional WiFi and Bluetooth. 

Anbernic.com [Affiliate Link] -Purchases from this link will benefit me. Support Appreciated!

Non-Affilate Link that does not benefit me: https://anbernic.com/products/rg353m

RG353M "Blue"

RG353M Specs [LINK]

Some reviews have already started to drop and they sound very positive. Russ at RetroGameCorps.com has a lot of positive things to say in his must watch video review: 

All in all, this is the first Anbernic device I have been excited about in a while. I did buy the RG503 but skipped over the RG353P and 353V/VS. While not as powerful as say the Retroid Pocket 3, this one will have a more premium feel, better d-pad, better face buttons and better thumb-sticks. Pretty good chance the 353M will become my daily on the go pocket device. The Miyoo Mini in one pocket and the RG353M in the other pocket. This device will likely be the best 3.5" screen option out there! 

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