Retro Pixel Pocket Launch Imminent

Retro Pixel Pocket Launch Imminent
Retro Pixel Pocket vs. Miyoo Mini [Photo From Jutleys]

 From the sound of things,  the Retro Pixel Pocket by Funnyplaying should launch in the very near future. According to Jutleys of RGHANDHELDS.COM in a Discord post,  the device is already in mass production at this point. 

Retro Pixel Pocket SPECS from July [LINK]

I'm not sure if the specs have changed from the prototype but we'll find out soon...

One thing we do know is that the price is definitely under $100. I'm hoping it's under $80 but we'll see. The device was designed and manufactured by Funnyplaying who is known for custom Game Boy parts, so the odds of custom buttons and custom parts to go along with this device are pretty high. 

While not extremely powerful,  this device has a 1:1 screen and a lot of retro aesthetic appeal. 

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