What Does Lightskin Stare Mean on TikTok?

What Does Lightskin Stare Mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, the lightskin stare meme went viral with many videos showcasing the stare.

The lightskin stare is portrayed by video game characters, movie characters, celebrities, and more.

A light skin is typically an African-American, multi-racial person, or a black person with a light skin tone.

Some examples of light-skinned men are Drake, Chris Brown, and Neymar.

Some examples of light-skinned women are Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Alicia Keys.

In this article, you’ll learn what lightskin stare means on TikTok, where it came from, and memes of it.

What does lightskin stare mean on TikTok?

Lightskin stare is a stare that has intense eyes, folded eyebrows, and pursed lips.

The stare is similar to the “Chad face”, but it’s less exaggerated, more alluring, and zesty.

It’s used by someone who wants to attract another person.

The stereotype is that light-skinned men are able to get away with almost anything.

On TikTok, there are a ton of light-skin stare memes that showcased characters that portray the stare.

A famous clip showcased Titan (Hal Stewart) from Megamind staring into the camera.

The song that’s played in the background is Sin City by Chrishan.

It has over 24 million views on YouTube and it goes like this, “Sin—Sin City wasn’t made for you—Angels like you—Sin City wasn’t made for you—Angels like you”.

The meme goes all the way back to the Vine era and it was started by Melvin Gregg and King Bach.

Back then, a Viner, BuddyBillz posted a video captioned “Do the light skin face”, which is the origin of the lightskin stare.

Light skin stare meme

A popular video of the light skin stare meme is a cutscene from God of War: Ragnarok.

In the cutscene, Atreus is seen staring at Angrboða while laying down on one side.

Atreus’ stare is an accurate example of a light skin stare.

His lips were slightly pursed and his eyebrows were folded.

The video got over 1.1 million views and more than 130k likes.

The comment section is filled with comments saying that Atreus has Rizz.

“He’s the god of Rizz after all” and “God of Rizz: Rizznarok”.

Rizz is a word that was created by Kai Cenat, a Twitch streamer.

In a nutshell, having Rizz means the ability to attract a female.

Another video of the light skin stare was portrayed by Neymar, a football player.

The video got over 2 million views and more than 350k comments.

In the video, an acorn fell on his head and he did a stare with half-closed eyes and pursed lips.

Here are some of the comments, “Bro went from light skin to light skin”, “The king of lightskin”, and “Bro has ultimate Rizz”.

Another video contains Stephen Hawking doing the stare—but it’s actually due to ALS disease—the inability to control his muscles.

The video got about 980k views and over 145k comments.

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