Ash Ketchum to Exit Pokemon Anime in 2023

Ash Ketchum to Exit Pokemon Anime in 2023

Ash Ketchum will no longer be the main protagonist of the long-running Pokemon anime series. The Pokemon Company revealed that Ash's story would wrap in 2023 with 11 final episodes, which would feature Misty and Brock and various fan-favorite Pokemon and provide "a glimpse at what the future may hold for the world's strongest Trainer in this final chapter for Ash and his Pikachu." While Ash is exiting the series, the Pokemon anime series will continue with two brand new protagonists, named Liko and Roy in the Japanese series, who will adventure in the Paldea region. Notably, Liko and Roy will not only encounter Paldean Starter Pokemon Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly, they'll also encounter a Shiny Rayquaza in the region.

The announcement can be seen below:

An all-new Pok?mon series has been announced!

Join 2 new characters and 3 Paldea starter Pok?mon as they adventure through the Pok?mon world! Plus, commemorate Ash's journey with special episodes concluding Pok?mon Ultimate Journeys: The Series.

Coming soon in 2023 and beyond!

-- Pok?mon (@Pokemon) December 16, 2022

Ash Ketchum first debuted as the protagonist of the Pokemon anime back in 1997, partnering with Pikachu and journeying through every region featured in the Pokemon games. Initially, Ash traveled with gym trainers Misty and Brock, but started to cycle through new companions as he traveled to new regions. In some way, a key theme of Ash's journey was the bittersweet feeling of leaving the comfort of friends and family to pursue one's own passion, which seems especially fitting given what a constant he's been in Pokemon fans' lives over the last 25 years.

The announcement is somewhat of a surprise It seemed as if Ash would continue to be the protagonist of the Pokemon series moving forward. While Ash had established himself as the world's strongest trainer after winning the World Coronation Series, he recently left his championship team behind to set off on a new journey with only Pikachu and Lucario. While it seemed that he was destined to continue to explore the Pokemon world, he'll instead determine what makes a Pokemon Master while embarking on a final journey with his oldest and best friends.


Look forward to the final chapters of Ash's story in 2023.

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