Battlefield 2042 – Classes Coming in Early 2023, More Map Reworks Revealed

Battlefield 2042 – Classes Coming in Early 2023, More Map
Reworks Revealed

DICE has outlined its plans for the future of Battlefield 2042, heading into 2023. Update 3.1 is out later this month, and added a new version of Manifest with visibility, cover, sightlines, and pathing between flags. In early 2023, the overhaul of Breakway will be live with update 3.2, with the Oil Rig now closer to action and new flags for updated areas of the Town and Refineries.

But the biggest new feature in update 3.2 is Classes. All Specialists will go into defined roles with gadgets and equipment based on their purpose. The new Specialist in Season 4, which starts in early 2023, will be in the Recon class. They’re also the last Specialist to be added.

“With the return to Classes and our roster of 14 in total, we are happy with the amount of Specialists and variety of gameplay that they will allow you to experience. So our focus will be continuing to listen to your feedback to expand the sandbox in other ways by bringing design and balance changes for your class-based combat, along with expanding on skins and cosmetics to give you more ways to stand out on the battlefield.

“Feedback from our community has been instrumental to our work on Specialists and you wanting them back in the Class system, so we’ll keep listening as they are acting as learnings for, and informing, our new Battlefield experiences for the future that are in pre-production.”

In addition to the new Specialist, a new Battle Pass, new hardware, and a new map are also coming in Season 4. The overhaul of Discarded is planned for release in the same window. All-new content is also in pre-production and is planned for Season 5. There won’t be a new Specialist, but a new map, hardware, Battle Pass and so on can be expected.

The new Season 5 map is described as “a forgotten battleground that last saw combat in the Battlefield 4 era. An overgrown area, engulfed with vegetation by the 2042 war. It will encourage a combination of vehicular and infantry combat meaning teamplay is the key to victory.”

Battlefield 2042 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. It recently launched on Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play.

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