ComicBook Nation: DC Studios Drama, Best TV Shows & Comics of 2022

ComicBook Nation: DC Studios Drama, Best TV Shows &
Comics of 2022

The ComicBook Nation team breakdowns their top 3 picks for 2022 TV shows and comic books; discuss the latest drama unfolding (up to this minute!) at DC Studios, and recap the W I L D reveals and controversies of The Game Awards.


Here's how each host's picks came in (SPOILERS):

Kofi Outlaw - 1. Star Wars: Andor (Disney+) - 2. Severance (Apple TV+) - 3. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+)

Janell Wheeler - 1. House of the Dragon (HBO Max) - 2. Stranger Things 4 (Netflix) - 3. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Disney+)

Matt Aguilar - 1. Stranger Things 4 (Netflix) - 2. Ms. Marvel (Disney+) - 3. Wednesday (Netflix)

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Each episode has a deep dive into the current biggest discussion topics and debates within geek culture: movies, tv, comics, and video games are regular features, with genres like sci-fi, anime, and wrestling also featured regularly. The ONLY show covering ALL THINGS Geek Culture!

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