Final Fantasy 16 Launches on June 22, 2023

Final Fantasy 16 Launches on June 22, 2023

With each new showing, Final Fantasy 16 continues to look increasingly more impressive, and excitement surrounding the action RPG continues to mount. As recently confirmed, the game did indeed take the stage at The Game Awards 2022, courtesy of producer Naoki Yoshida, who brought a new trailer of the title.

The new trailer focuses on the theme of revenge, which is clearly going to be central to the story of protagonist Clive Rosfield. Along with glimpses at how much darker and gritter the story is going to be than what fans of the franchise might be used to, the trailer also showcases healthy amounts of gameplay, showing off combat, summons (or Eikons, as they’re known in this game), and a number of different locations that players will be visiting. Check it out below.

Final Fantasy 16’s release date has also been announced. The game is due out for the PS5 on June 22, 2023, which was recently leaked. It will be exclusive to the console for at least six months after release. Meanwhile, true to recent leaks, pre-orders for the game have also gone live.

Square Enix has said it intends to release a demo of the game shortly before release, but there’s been no concrete announcement made regarding that just yet.

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