FRANK MILLER’s DAREDEVIL to Get Artist’s Edition Re-Release

FRANK MILLER’s DAREDEVIL to Get Artist’s Edition

What’s black and white and red in your imagination?

Well, this is a gimme gimme: IDW in 2023 will be re-releasing 2015’s Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artifact Edition with a slightly different sobriquet — Frank Miller’s Daredevil Artist’s Edition, according to a Penguin Random House listing.

What’s the difference? As it appears now, just the name. According to the excellent AE Index, IDW has ceased publishing Artifact Editions so this appears to be a straight-up reprint of the original. (The 144-page count is the same for both.)

Historically, Artist’s Editions included complete issues while Artifact Editions compiled various art selections. Then there are Artisan Editions, which are smaller-scale, lower-cost paperback reprints. I imagine it can get kind of confusing, so combining Artist’s Editions and Artifact Editions makes sense.

Anyway, the new edition is due Aug. 15, 2023, and lists for $150. As usual, the images are shot from the original art, so you get to see all the idiosyncrasies and revisions that are part of the artistic process. It’s like a window into artists’ minds.

Exactly what’s included has not been released, though here is the AE Index’s image of the out-of-print Artifact Edition’s table of contents. In all probability, they will be the same:

As far as I can tell, IDW has not formally solicited this, so anything can change. Just keep coming back to 13th Dimension for updates.


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