Genshin Impact leaker Ubatcha to reveal identity as HoYoverse sues Discord on a copyright infringement claim

Ubatcha, one of the figureheads of the most prominent Genshin Impact leakers is facing legal issues with anti leakers team at HoYoverse. As Genshin Impact is popular among fans, prevention of leaks is inevitable. Ubatcha has a very large fan following of more than 464K followers on Twitter and more than 270K members at their Discord and around 350K members on the subreddit, thus making the availability of leaks to the common ground even easier.

HoYoverse has demanded complete details about Ubatcha

The subpoena application states the infringing of Cognosphere’s exclusive content (Genshin Impact). The Content was posted to the following channel “Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Genshin Impact” (available at Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”): by user Ubatcha#2791.

Genshin Impact Ubatcha subpoena applicationImage via TorrentFreak

The application further states that Discord is to hand over Ubatcha’s real name, address and IP address, and phone number. Furthermore, as the Subpoena is approved it is likely to be in favor of Cognosphere that Discord will hand over the necessary information required relating to Ubatcha’s identity. The image below was used as proof in the court relating to the case described.

Genshin Impact Ubatcha evidenceImage via TorrentFreak

It seems that HoYoverse’s attempt to take down Ubatcha is to make an example out of it and put a rest on leaks and leakers in the community. Still considering the fact that Ubatcha along with other leakers have a pretty large reach and fan following this might also result in a backlash of the game by the community.

HoYoverse’s history with Genshin Impact leakers

HoYoverse has a pretty rough history with leakers considering the fact that future leaks might affect their revenue on upcoming banners and characters, we have already seen in the past that MiHoYo sued Bilibili (a video hosting and streaming site for anime, comics, and games) as many of the game’s future updates and leaks were being posted on the platform.

Genshin Impact Reddit CommentsImage via Reddit

The list doesn’t stop here MiHoYo also tried to take down Honey Impact because of information given to the media about future characters and updates. This didn’t go quite well due to the fact that the Honey Impact site is lovable among the community and MiHoYo has received quite a lot of criticism for these actions and Honey Impact is still up and running to this day.

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