High on Life: How to beat the Skrendel Brothers boss fight

High On Life Skrendel Brothers Boss 1So you’ve finally come face to face with your latest bounty. The Skrendel Bros make for one of the most interesting boss fights in High on Life, so you might want a few tips for collecting on them. We’re going to break down the phases of the fight, as well as give you some handy pointers for taking them down. It’ll take a few minutes, but you’ll best the whole family as long as you keep your wits about you. Here’s how to beat the Skrendel Brothers boss fight in High on Life. One at a time You first run into Jonathan before the others. He’ll elbow-drop the ground, resulting in green rings spreading with each impact. Jump over these and keep your eyes on him. You can use whatever gun you want. For medium or long-range, it’s a good idea to use Kenny. Gus is great for hitting him up close, though. But you’ll be fine regardless of what you choose to go with. Sweezy’s time bubbles are also quite handy, but that goes for every enemy in th...

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