How to open Luglox chests in High on Life

High On Life how to open Luglox chests KennySquanch Games’ new first-person shooter High on Life just released yesterday, which means fans of Rick and Morty can see what Justin Roiland and team have in store for them this time. While exploring and dealing with the characters’ incessant chatter, you will likely come across a few Luglox chests. These living chests hide goodies, but you won’t have the means to open them right away. So how far do you have to progress in High on Life before you can open these Luglox chests? This guide will contain the answers you may be looking for. To open the Luglox chests placed throughout the game’s world, you will first have to obtain the sentient melee weapon Knifey. The game dishes out Knifey as a reward for completing the first bounty, so this task won’t take much time at all. Keep in mind, though, that this bounty pits players against 9-Torg, the first boss, at the end. Fortunately, you will have Knifey in your possession at that point, so make use of him a...

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