How To Reach Area Zero In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Since the very start of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, when we looked at our map, we’ve been intrigued by Area Zero. A curiosity that has grown every time it’s been described as a “forbidden area”. 

Today, I’m going to walk you through how to get to Area Zero!

Area Zero is an End Game location, meaning you won’t be able to access it until the final stages of the game. 

If you’ve yet to beat the Pokemon League, defeat Team Star, or beat all the Titans, this won’t be an option for you.

As frustrating as that may be, there’s a reason why Area Zero is left unexplored until the end of the game: the Pokemon there are high level, and they mean business. 

How To Reach Area Zero In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To unlock Area Zero you need to complete the Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends storylines. 

The order in which you complete them isn’t important. 

However, it’s only upon completing Path of Legends that you’ll finally learn about Professor Sada and her Area Zero reach. Which means you’ll finally learn where her Pokemon Lab is! Frustratingly, it’s a building you’ve passed many, many times.

After speaking with Professor Sada, Arven will challenge you to a battle. This isn’t because he’s secretly the bad guy, but because he wants to be certain you can handle the challenges that await you. 

Arven is Level 58 – 63, meaning you need to be the same level or higher to beat him comfortably. Personally, I found this battle harder than any with Nemona, yet she’s the Champion! 

After defeating Arven, he’ll mention that you’ll need two friends to help you enter Area Zero: someone good at fighting, and someone good with tech. That’s your hint that you need Nemona and Penny.

Despite beating Arven, I still couldn’t progress any further with accessing Area Zero until after I beat the League. When that happens, Arven will ring you to remind you of the plan, and to update your map with the Area Zero Entrance.

Where To Find Area Zero

The Area Zero Gate can be found just outside of Medali, in West Province (Area Three). Leave via the Medali (East) Pokemon Center, then make your way up the hill located just outside the city limits.

Despite being close to the End Game, the Pokemon here are low levels. As is the single trainer aimlessly looking for the entrance to Area Zero. Surprise, surprise, he’s stood right by it! You can choose to battle him or bypass him completely. 

Enter the Gateway to trigger a cutscene with Arven, who’s stood at the Area Zero building awaiting your arrival. 

There you have it, now you’ve made it to the enigmatic Great Crater of Paldea! I wonder what secrets you’ll discover, and what Pokemon you’ll catch…? 

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