Portal Swift of Spring, Susan Schroder

Portal Swift of Spring, Susan Schroder

 Palmaris, 470 pieces. The borrower before me (this is a Hoefnagel puzzle) said they didn't finish, and I can see why. I'm afraid this is not a positive review. The image was dark, which is not my favorite, but the real problem was one that afflicts many new producers--there were big size differences between the largest and smallest pieces, which often creates problems, and too many of the pieces were long and thin. This matchstick configuration is hard for me to manipulate and also easily leads to pieces flipping onto the wrong side so the image isn't visible. I am very grateful to Hoefnagel for letting me try a variety of puzzles. Sometimes one just doesn't work for me, but that's useful information too. 2/5

center: an example of the kind of piece that gives me conniptions

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