Twitter went down for thousands of users

Twitter went down for thousands of users

Thousands of Twitter users reported having issues accessing the website tonight on Downdetector. Based on people's reports, the outage started just before 7PM Eastern time and reached its peak at around 7:44PM. We haven't had any issues from our end, but reports continued well into the night and (as of this writing) is still ongoing for some users. Downdetector reports also indicate that most people have had issues accessing the website itself — only a fraction had problems loading the social network through its apps. 

According to The Guardian, users who couldn't access the website were met with a message that read "something went wrong, but don't fret — it's not your fault." Twitter has yet to issue an official statement for the outage. The Twitter Support account hasn't tweeted about it, and when some users posted about Twitter being broken, Elon Musk responded that he wasn't having any trouble loading the social network.

Works for me

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 29, 2022

On Christmas Eve, Musk revealed that he had disconnected one of Twitter's more sensitive server racks, but that the social network still works. Musk famously purchased Twitter for $44 billion in October, months after initiating the acquisition and trying to back out of the deal. The company had laid off around half of the workforce and thousands of contractors since then, and one former employee told The Washington Post in November that they knew of six critical systems that "no longer have any engineers."

Isik Mater, the director of research at internet monitoring service NetBlocks, told The New York Times that "the problems with Twitter exhibit in multiple countries and are widespread." Mater also said that the "platform API is affected, which serves the mobile app as well as many aspects of the desktop site."

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