Where To Watch The Last Of Us Series

Where To Watch The Last Of Us Series

Since it was first released in June of 2013, The Last of Us, has captured the hearts and minds of gaming audiences worldwide with its gripping, immersive, and highly cinematic gameplay.

Now, the game’s creators, Naughty Dog, have teamed with one of TV’s most influential broadcasters and content creators, HBO, in order to bring the world of The Last of Us to TV audiences worldwide.

Set to adapt and expand upon the events of the original game. The series is set to follow game protagonists Joel (The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Game of Thrones standout, Bella Ramsey).

As they traverse their way across the wild and dangerous transformed landscape of America as they try to survive threats both monstrous and human.

Where do I need to go to watch The Last of Us?

As the series is a HBO production, it will be aired exclusively in the United States and other countries worldwide with access to HBO‘s cable channel and HBO Max streaming service.

Audiences in countries that do not yet have access to HBO’s services but who have access to the Sky broadcaster such as the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Will be able to watch the series exclusively on the Sky Atlantic broadcast channel, with the series set to be simulcast (broadcast at the same time) as it airs on HBO in the United States.

The series will also be available to watch in these countries on the Sky Stream streaming service in addition to the NowTV streaming service. As well as on the Sky On Demand catch-up service for Sky subscribers.

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Where to watch The Last of Us FAQ

Will The Last of Us be shown in UK?

Yes, UK based viewers will be able to watch the series at the same time as it is broadcast in the United States. As well as being available to watch on catch up, and streaming services after the initial broadcast.

Is Last of Us 1 on PC?

Not yet, although it has been confirmed that The Last of Us Part 1 will be released on PC in March 2023.

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