25+ Free League of Legends Accounts

League of Legends is the most popular MOBA game developed by Riot Games.

It has over 100 champions including Yasuo, Veigar, Darius, and more.

You can team up with your friends, choose your champion, and defeat the enemy.

The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy’s nexus.

LoL requires you to make moment-to-moment decisions that can impact the course of the game.

Destroy creeps to get gold and buy items from the shop to make your champion stronger.

Create the best 5-person team to win team fights, get objectives, and counter the enemy.

You can climb the ranked ladder as a duo, trio, or a five-man team

This article contains a list of free League of Legends accounts (LoL accounts) with Blue Essence, RP, skins, and some are level 30.

Is League of Legends free?

Yes, League of Legends is free to play for all regions.

You can download it from the Riot Games website.

The game requires at least 15 GB of storage space.

Although LoL is free, there is a currency that you can buy using real money.

The currency is called Riot Points where you can use them to buy skins, icons, and more.

How to get free League of Legends RP or skins

You can use sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, or Toluna to get free League of Legends RP or skins.

These sites allow you to complete surveys for rewards like PayPal money and cash to buy in-game items in LoL.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online survey community where you can earn League of Legends RP/skins by completing research activities.

It is one of the highest-rated survey sites on Trustpilot with an average of 4.3 stars across 40,000+ reviews.

To use the site, you need to sign up for free, complete your profile, and verify your email address.

After you’ve signed up, you can express your opinion via surveys in exchange for rewards.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most popular loyalty and consumer rewards program.

It offers gift cards like PayPal cash that you can redeem to buy LoL RP or skins.

When you complete a survey, you’ll receive points called SB where you can exchange 100 SB for $1 USD in rewards.

Since its launch, Swagbucks has paid out over $820 million to its members.

On Trustpilot, the site has over 31,000 reviews with an average of 4.3 stars.

To get started, sign up for a $10 bonus, verify your email address, and start doing surveys.

3. Toluna

Toluna is a fun way to share your opinion and get rewarded instantly.

You can do personalized surveys to get free League of Legends RP to buy skins.

The platform has over 21 million users in 50 countries and 28 languages.

You have the power to influence the largest brands in the world and get rewarded for it.

The surveys are free of charge and you’ll be awarded points for most activities.

How to get a free League of Legends account

To get a free League of Legends account, you must first go to https://auth.riotgames.com/login.

Once you’re there, select “Create account” and enter your email address.

You can also create an account with Facebook, Google, Apple, or Xbox.

After you’ve entered your email address, provide your date of birth, choose a username, and choose a password.

Lastly, verify your email address to secure your Riot account.

Free League of Legends accounts
Free League of Legends accounts

List of free League of Legends accounts:

Email address Password
yorolo3531@letpays.com c0awi=Awrut
palise1887@letpays.com cH=dah03+DA
rotoyo3499@letpays.com 0R-GlXEci6r
yamahi2915@kaftee.com wrlt4-p-drO
xatiyej304@kaftee.com cH9T*6froXo
reren18401@kaftee.com c$ChExl1uHu
goyipi6257@prolug.com 1hi*hLfr9pI
wividi5972@dewareff.com n&wLYebl1Lw
negojor659@kaftee.com dLrETr3@rl#
rebijif618@dewareff.com C0?Un#zitrL
simoti2774@kaftee.com v@xAkA?aph9
nivibo8195@prolug.com flT=TIthO55
foposix298@dewareff.com wi6upr&cUrl
bevoma6716@letpays.com ROT+&hAs9da
hayami7951@kaftee.com plyu1_1mUvl
mikipo2880@dewareff.com hEbEf5J$RaH
dogod81272@kaftee.com buDrEn_7lhe
yisojep502@kaftee.com c-lz6br1cH&
xonome1795@letpays.com bO9u1a-UfRe
wohab69861@kaftee.com 4&a-hLtrESp
pecak82464@dewareff.com 2rEPoS@Este
hojeh51507@prolug.com 5rEbi5iy*ch
feris18506@dewareff.com 7uspivon?qE
doyek64177@prolug.com pOru+u0Lj7#
kahijew337@kaftee.com 5Ufru$rok6P
sofoni1750@prolug.com va?tide9ohO

The free League of Legends accounts are newly created, so you need to log in to them before anyone else.

You can log in to them to get free diamonds, skins, and an advanced server.

Please do not change the password for any LoL accounts so that others can access them.

If you can’t log in to an account, it means that someone has changed the password for it.

It could also mean that the account is deleted or banned.

If that’s the case, you can try to log in to another account.

Do note that some League of Legends accounts might be level 1 because they are newly created.

New and free League of Legends accounts (some with RP, Blue Essence, and skins) will be added to the list frequently.

You can bookmark this page (for Chrome, click on the star icon on the URL field) and come back later for more free accounts when the table is updated.

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