A Media Molecule Artist Is Making Stunning Dreams Recreations of The Last of Us Scenes

A Media Molecule Artist Is Making Stunning Dreams
Recreations of The Last of Us Scenes

Whether you are a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, the infectious buzz around HBO’s The Last of Us is spreading thanks to its accurate depiction of the games and unique cinematic take. As a result, many viewers are diving more into the zombie-like franchise, including the Media Molecule artist Martin Nebelong.

In a recent Twitter post, Nebelong showcases a re-imagination of iconic scenes from The Last of Us episodes onto the Dreams platform, an installment that allows players to create their own games. With this debut, we see how much time and effort goes into the design process, where he uses the sculpting and shading tools of the system to make a breathtaking visual from Episode 2.

Timelapse of my 2-hour fanart for episode 2 of #TheLastOfUs on HBO.. loving the show so far! ♥ Might make a Dreams scene for each episode. Thanks for the many years of inspiration, @Neil_Druckmann, and co.

Stick around for a quick glimpse at my Episode one scene.#MadeInDreams pic.twitter.com/F0kAjRdjjU

— Martin Nebelong (@MartinNebelong) January 27, 2023

To give you a refresher, this scene occurs when Joel, Ellie, and Tess step out of the quarantine zone and into the infected-filled city, which was also in The Last of Us video game.

Other than this moving still, Martin re-created a moment from Episode 1 when the group stumbles upon an individual contaminated by the poisonous cordyceps. Nonetheless, we could see more of these creations from the talented artist with future episodes because he has been inspired by Neil Druckmann’s universe and the TV adaptation.

Since there are so many classic scenes from the franchise, Martin Nebelong can undoubtedly design a wide variety of moments in Dreams, such as the arrival of Bill in Episode 3 or possibly the horrific events in The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC. But, for now, we can get lost in the dystopian world of this Dreams’ recreation and HBO’s latest rendition.

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