Black Desert Mobile introduces The Great Desert: Shahzad with tougher monsters, greater rewards, and more

The Black Desert Mobile team at Pearl Abyss worked diligently on a substantial update over the winter break that would cater to veteran gamers’ desire for more difficult challenges. The Great Desert Shahzad encourages top-tier Black Desert Mobile players to return to the desert region to take on a demanding new difficulty level populated with harder monsters, greater stakes rewards, and a speedier mode of transportation.

Shahzad comes with a new dream horse and rune enhancements

Top-tier players will now have access to Shahzad in addition to the easiest level (Imur) and mid-range level (Torme). This will allow them to engage in combat with other intrepid travelers and take on more difficult creatures, which will result in larger riches and rewards. Meeting a roaming trader or looking for hidden treasure chests are additional ways for players to acquire uncommon things.

Black Desert Mobile DineImage via Pearl Abyss

Adventurers can accomplish all that while moving more quickly. The second Dream Horse in the game is Diné, an exquisite white stallion with a golden mane. Diné traverses the terrain much more quickly than the other elephant and camel options.

In the desert, upon engaging with a Black Rock Shrine, players have the ability to teleport using Quantum Jump. Finally, for the first time in the game’s three-year history, players can strengthen the runes they have gathered to increase their power across the entire game (not just the desert).

Black Desert Mobile celebrated its three-year anniversary

Thanks to our Adventurers, we have grown, expanded, and had so much fun together in just three years,” said Pearl Abyss’ development team spokesperson. “We’re looking forward to 2023 and can’t wait to see you in-game!

Black Desert Mobile 3 years anniversayImage via Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Mobile also celebrated its three-year anniversary in mid-December, after the Calpheon Ball at the conclusion of the year. More than 21 million characters have been generated for the mobile MMO since its launch, and 40 classes have been made available. The Dream Horse: Diné mount, the Great Desert: Shahzad region expansion, and other gameplay upgrades were added to the game on December 28, 2022, to kick off its fourth year.

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