Forspoken: How to beat Apsaravis – Secret boss guide

Forspoken Apsaravis Secret Boss Guide NowhereApsaravis is a secret boss in Forspoken. This cross between a dragon and a bird can be found in Nowhere, a distant zone in the far north of the world map, which happens to have multiple jumping puzzles. Here’s our Forspoken Apsaravis secret boss guide to help you defeat this opponent in Nowhere so you can acquire a Nail Pattern. Note: We’ll have a Forspoken guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned.   Forspoken Apsaravis secret boss guide (Nowhere) Once you arrive at the Nowhere zone in Forspoken, you’ll see the Apsaravis arena just beyond the Refuge. There are bony protrusions, which you can use to grapple across. When you’re ready, move to the ruins and open the chest. Apsaravis will suddenly spawn via a cutscene. Screenshots by PC Invasion The Apsaravis secret boss in Forspoken uses the following abilities: Sand Blast – Drills toward the ground and creates an eruption of sand in a wide area. Lig...

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