Forspoken: How to beat Deinosuchus — Abomination boss guide

Forspoken Deinosuchus Abomination Boss Guide Spectrum Nail PatternDeinosuchus is an Abomination boss in Forspoken. Found in The Moulderings zone, this cross between a sea dragon and giant squid will have you surfing all over the place during the fight. Here’s our Forspoken Deinosuchus boss guide to help you defeat this Abomination opponent for the Spectrum Nail Pattern. Note: We’ll have a Forspoken guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned.   Forspoken Deinosuchus Abomination boss guide (Spectrum Nail Pattern) As mentioned above, the Deinosuchus Abomination boss in Forspoken is in The Moulderings. The zone is accessible after you beat Tanta Prav, whereupon you’ll obtain Water spells. These include Glide, which basically acts as a surfboard so you can skim over the lake in Samum Coast. Keep going east, and you’ll reach The Moulderings. From there, you’ll trek up the mountain path until you arrive at the peak where the creature awaits. Screenshots by PC Invasion The...

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