Genshin Impact: Top 5 highly-anticipated banners (January 2023)

Genshin Impact is at a point where there is an increasing amount of limited 5-star characters. Many re-runs are anticipated by the players to get their favourite characters and possibly their constellations. The game has run so far that double banners have been introduced. Recently, a Reddit user posted the re-runs of all the characters and how many patches it has been since they last got one in the Genshin Impact subreddit. In this piece, we will talk about a general list of the top 5-star anticipated character banners that players want to have a re-run in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: List of top 5 highly-anticipated Re-run character Banners

Many anticipated characters barely get any re-run, while characters with bad Banner sales have been re-run as many times as possible. Nevertheless, Banner sales represent the anticipation of a character.

1. Shenhe

Shenhe had her first debut banner back in Version 2.4 and since then, she has not gotten any re-runs. Her banner has done moderately well, in terms of sales. Her character design and kit are both amazingly done, plus she has had her own time to shine during the Lantern Rite back in 2.4.

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Shenhe is purely Cryo Support, where she only buffs Cryo damage for any Cryo characters. Her Elemental Skill provides Cryo Damage Bonus and her Elemental Burst reduces Cryo and Physical Resistances. She is a great unit to have and pairs up with DPS units such as Ayaka and Ganyu or even Eula. Additionally, Shenhe scales purely off of Attack.

Although her kit is good, she is still not a sought-after character to have in a player’s roster, especially for free-to-play players. Shenhe is made more for the meta-dedicated players, who do not hesitate to spend money on the game. For F2P players, Shenhe is not a character, which players would want, due to her being solely acting as a Cryo Support unit.

2. Kazuha

Kaedehara Kazuha has quickly become a very beloved character in both a meta sense and a personality sense. This is a drastic contrast to how he was initially perceived, during his debut banner released in Version 1.6. Many meta fans alike have brushed off Kazuha and reduced him to calling him a 5-star Sucrose and ‘Walmart Venti’. He was ridiculed even in his character design, with people calling him an Aether look-a-like.

Kazuha was the first introduced Inazuma character, and the Prelude Archon Quest was the first glimpse of what Inazuma has in store, especially with a sneak peek of the Raiden Shogun herself. Coupled with Ayaka who was another anticipated character back then, there was no doubt that many people skipped on his debut Banner. This makes her one of the most anticipated character banners which players would want in Genshin Impact.

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Of course, the opinions of his kit changed quickly as Kazuha users soon pointed out how seemingly well of an Anemo Support he is. Kazuha may not have the best crowd control like Venti, but his Elemental Skill has a short enough duration to initiate it more times. His Elemental Burst is the best version of his kit where, instead of providing Elemental Mastery like Sucrose, he gives all other members of the party an Elemental Damage Bonus. The bonus is based on the swirled Element done by Kazuha’s Elemental Burst.

His re-run banner in Version 2.8 surpassed his own debut banner afterwards, due to the big shift in the meta, as Kazuha was introduced in the game. Kazuha is now an SS+ tier character, making him one of the best Support units in the game, who can be fitted into any variation of team comps.

3. Nahida

A playable character who has just released her Debut banner and yet it did not stop the growing anticipation of her re-run is Nahida. There is no doubt that Nahida is a highly-wanted 5 Star character. Nahida just got her own banner back in Version 3.2, which was a double banner with Yoimiya. Nahida currently holds second place in the most sold Banners. This is an amazing feat in itself, since her Banner only lasted for about 17 days, instead of the usual 21 Days. This is due to the shortened patch Versions during the 3.0 to 3.2 updates.

There is no doubt that Nahida would have this much high anticipations. She is a certified Archon, with a great story and character development in the Archon Quests and her Story Quest. Even though she faced many controversies due to her seemingly boring and bland design, it did not stop fans from appreciating her personality through the Quests.

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Fabulous Fungus Frenzy NahidaImage via HoYoverse

Additionally, as Dendro has been introduced in this 3.0 Version there is no doubt that Nahida’s kit would reflect just like the other Archons, by having a busted play-style and damage. Nahida can apply Dendro for a long duration and can increase the damage of Dendro-related Elemental reactions, due to her scaling with Elemental Mastery. She works best both off-field and on-field and is overall a well-rounded Dendro unit to have on the roster.

Judging from how the other playable Archons such as Zhongli, Venti and Raiden have had many re-run banners back to back, there is no doubt that Nahida will soon get her own first re-run banner in the coming patches. Players should at least be at ease, that Nahida will have a re-run banner before 4.0 comes out.

4. Yelan

Even though she was called a 5-star Xingqiu, it did not stop Yelan’s debut banner to be overwhelmingly successful in sales. Yelan garnered an immense amount of hype for her character, before being released. Being such an attractive and well-designed character, while also having such an amazingly smug and cunning personality won many fans’ hearts. Her character in the Chasm limited Event Quest of Version 2.7 played an important part in the story, making her come out as a very likeable individual.

Genshin Impact Yelan Character Guide CoverImage via HoYoverse

When her kit was leaked, there was an ongoing debate in the Genshin Impact fan community on whether pulling for Yelan is better, or just sticking to Xingqiu is good enough. The 1.0 Version of many 4-star characters can easily be 5-star level, in terms of kit and how amazingly they were made. Xingqiu is, of course, one of these great 4-star units. Yelan’s Elemental Burst works the same as Xingqiu’s Rainswords, only difference is she does not vaporize as well as Xingqiu. Additionally, Yelan is also one of the characters that scale through HP. All these factors make her a very anticipated character banner to appear in Genshin Impact.

All the ongoing arguments came to a halt when her Banner was released and the verdict has been made. Turns out, both of them are just as good as the other and so both, Yelan and Xingqiu can be used in the same exact teams for maximum efficiency and damage. Double Hydro has also been buffed and with that, Hu Tao’s double vaporize team is now of the best teams in the Abyss. Yelan’s first re-run banner is scheduled to be released in Version 3.4, as a double banner alongside Hu Tao.

5. Hu Tao

Hu Tao is the most anticipated character to have a banner re-run currently, as her last re-run banner is well over a year now. Hu Tao, as seen by most limited 5-star characters initially, has been ridiculed before her banner came out and was called a bootleg Diluc and Tartaglia or a 5-star Xiangling for quite a while. Her HP scaling and the fact that she loses a considerable amount of HP in battle prevented people from rolling on her banner. Additionally, Venti was rumoured to have a rerun, just after Hu Tao so many people skipped on her banner.

Eventually, after some players started using Hu Tao, opinions about her character quickly changed, as she turns out to be an amazing Pyro DPS and one of the best DPS units that have been released. She is the best single-target DPS and can dish out a high amount of damage with her Charged Attack and deal Vaporize reactions. As such, many people quickly anticipated her re-run banner and as a result, she overwhelmingly surpassed her debut banner sales and now stands as one of the Top 10 banner sales.

Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact wallpaperImage via HoYoverse

Her last re-run was during the 2.2 update back on November 2nd 2021. After over a year, another re-run banner has finally been announced for Hu Tao in Version 3.4. Coupled with Yelan who is another anticipated character, there is no doubt that the Banner sales will sky-rocket in the market.

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