How To Fix Echo on PS5 Microphone

How To Fix Echo on PS5 Microphone

Knowing how to fix echo on the PS5 microphone can help prevent players from annoying others in game and party chat. Unfortunately, it’s tough to know when you’re echoing and how to solve the problem. Thankfully, this guide is here with some tips. Here’s how to stop echoing on the PS5 mic.

How to stop echo on the PS5 microphone

To stop echo on the PS5 microphone, users should:

  • First, make sure the microphone is connected to the PS5.
    • While it may seem obvious, sometimes a 3.5 mm jack hasn’t been plugged the whole way in, causing audio issues.
    • If using a wireless headset, ensure that the distance between the headset and the dongle isn’t too far.
  • Set the volume of both the mic and headphones correctly.
    • Mic volume should be in the “Good” section of the “Adjust Microphone Level” options within Settings.
    • Headphone volume should be loud enough to hear the game, but not so loud as to come through the earcups and be picked up by the microphone.
  • Wear both earcups.
    • While it may be tempting to just use one earcup, sound will leak out of the earcup that isn’t being worn. This can be picked up by the PS5 microphone and cause an echo.

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