Legend of Zelda Movie Could Be In Development At Illumination

The Legend Of Zelda

According to the “trusted sources” of Giant Freakin Robot, a new Legend of Zelda movie could already be in development at Illumination studios.

As we know, Illumination has already completed the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, which has some fans excited and some rip roaring mad.

I, for one, think it looks pretty solid. And I don’t think Chris Pratt sounds bad (sorry Martinet fans).

Both video game franchises deserve the absolute best shot they could get at a solid adaptation.

(And we all pretend that weird Mario movie from the 90s never happened.)

I feel a little more protective of the Zelda franchise than I do the Mario franchise. So getting a Zelda film right is of vital importance. And I really have zero idea who could do it well.

If Illumination is indeed working on the film, we know that we will be getting a 3d animated Zelda adaptation.

Getting the Zelda Movie Right The Legend Of Zelda

When/if creating a Legend of Zelda film, it is important to consider the source material.

First, which story from the long and branching history of The Legend of Zelda do you cover in a 2 hour film?

And second (and maybe most challenging), how do you present a main character who is not known for talking?

Link, the main character from The Legend of Zelda, has almost zero speaking parts throughout the entirety of the game franchise. So you’re not exactly gonna cast Tom Holland as a voice actor (or Chris Pratt).

AI Generated fake Live action Zelda posters by Dan Leveille.

But one really incredible film comes to mind with a lead actor with almost zero speaking… Mad Max: Fury Road. That was one of the best films ever made, and Tom Hardy barely says anything.

Hard to say what direction Illumination would go with it, but if they told a story with Zelda as more of the lead, and Link is the mysterious quite type… could be interesting.

It’s still too early to make estimations on what Illumination would be doing with Zelda.

We do know Nintendo was very happy with the collaboration on the Mario film, so it’s easy to imagine they would happily give them another trusted franchise.

We also know that Giant Freakin Robot (who broke the story) has a pretty good track record for early info.

I don’t have any doubts that it is happening. I’m mostly just wondering about the finer details.

I reaaaaally hope they get the Zelda movie right. And if they don’t… I’ll pretend it never happened.

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